Art Expectations 308/309 Sketches


308 GreatExp Caught 150

309 GreatExp 150

[Day 308, Page 330]  At dinner, Pip tries to catch Wemmick’s eye, but Wemmick looks only at Jaggers. He comes across as dry and distant. Nothing is mentioned of Magwitch. He has a note from Miss Havisham to Pip. Wemmick hands the note to Jaggers, who then hands it to Pip. Miss H wishes to discuss some business with him. It’s decided that Pip will go the very next day. Jaggers changes the subject by exclaiming that the spider (Drummle) played his cards and got the girl (Estella). But, he continues, Drummle may not win in the end. He is all brute and no brain.

[Day 309, Page 331]   Jaggers proposes a toast to Estella (who isn’t there, it’s just Pip, Jaggers and Wemmick at dinner). Dickens’ language is a little confusing here (again) but I believe Jaggers says something to the effect of “may she choose the supreme man and be satisfied.” This is a painful subject for Pip. Molly, the maid, brings in a plate of food and something about how she holds her fingers, like knitting, seems vaguely familiar to him. (Is Molly Estella’s true mother?!) Pip puts two and two together, while thinking of Estella’s eyes and hands.

Here are two more “on the road” sketches. I’m lucky my husband did most of the driving so I could catch up on Art Expectations. Plus it made the hours and hours (14 total) of driving through desert pass by a little more easily!

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