Art Expectations 310 Open Up


310 GeatExp Mailman 150

[Day 310, Page 332]   Jaggers’ maid, Molly, appears during their dinner only a few more times. Jaggers speaks sharply to her. Pip is now certain that she is Estella’s mother. How did Molly end up working for Jaggers and Miss Havisham end up raising Estella? During the meal, wine flows freely and Wemmick remains very business-like toward Pip. His mouth is like a mail box accepting wine and food. No talk of Magwitch and what is to happen with that situation.

Wemmick and Pip finally leave Jaggers’ house together. At this time, Wemmick returns to his usual relaxed, friendly self with Pip. They make small talk. Pip has got to be dying to talk about Magwitch and Estella and her mother. He asks Magwitch to tell him about Molly. Very early in the book Wemmick had told Pip to notice Molly’s hands and wrists. They agree that what is said between them goes no further. Agreed. Now tell us the story Dickens!!!

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