Art Expectations 313 Lonely Bells


313 GreatExp lonely bells 150

{Day 313, Page 335} (Pip has traveled back home to visit Miss Havisham.) Once in town, he walked a different route to get to Satis House. He walked by abandoned refectories and gardens, all very bleak. (Maybe it was just his mood though.) The cathedral bells sounded like funeral music. He knew that Estella was lost to him forever. He found Miss H alone seated in front of the fire. The place was still in disrepair. She didn’t seem to hear or see him so he walked to stand in front of her. He thought how he too had become “part of the wrecked fortunes of that house”. She said she wanted to honor his request to help out his friend, Herbert, financially. To finish the business deal with Herbert’s business partner.

Here is the second sketch I did with the Art Graf graphite sticks. I got smart and did this one on watercolor paper. Much better!

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