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Art Expectations 318-20 Singed


Here are THREE days in one! I did all three of these in a little paper accordion book.
{Day 318 Page 340}  Pip has been visiting Miss Havisham and settling up (with money and feelings). Pip is wandering the ruined grounds of Satis House. Before walking out through the rotting gate, for perhaps the last time, he looks back and has a vision of her hanging from a beam. Horrified, he runs back in, up to her room, to check on her. She seems fine still sitting by the fire. But all of a sudden she bursts up and toward him on fire! Her brittle bridal gown has caught on fire. He covers her with his coats (he has on two) and rolls on the ground to put out the flames. He also pulls the dusty tablecloth off the great table, disturbing the moldy cake, to cover her. The fire is out. He looks to the side and sees beetles and spiders scampering away and bits of singed bridal dress floating in air.

{Day 319 Page 341}  Servants rush in to see Pip still on top of Miss H. “Patches of tinder that had been her garments, no longer alight but falling in a black shower around us.” A doctor is called to come tend to her wounds. They make a bed for her on top of the great table. (Many years ago she claimed that she’d lie deceased on that table some day!) She’s not dead yet, just seriously burned. Her bridal dress is gone but replaced by more white cloth, gauze and sheets. Pip informs her family, the Pockets. The doctor is left to tell Estella, who was at that time in Paris. Miss H deliriously repeats her last words to Pip. “What have I done!” And the statement about meaning to save Estella from the same misery she has felt. Also asking Pip to forgive her, which he did.

{Day 320 Page 342}  Pip leaves early in the morning about 6:00 a.m. after giving Miss H a farewell kiss.
Chapter 50:  Pip was badly burned on his arms and hands. He is bandaged up to his shoulder on one arm and elbow on the other. Back at the Temple in London, Herbert helps Pip with his injuries. Pip is deeply grateful. He finds his memories of the fire, the smell and cries, more painful than the actual wounds. Herbert informs Pip that all is well down the river, meaning Magwitch (also known as Provis). With Pip’s arms and hands injured now he won’t be able to continue with the rowing to prepare for sneaking Magwitch out of town on the river.

I’m still moving slowly on this long project. I don’t think I’ll be finished by end of this year BUT I’m getting close! I’ve been wanting to try traditional marbling of paper. So I think I will order myself some new supplies today and give that a try. I’ll incorporate that into my work if successful. See you soon!


Art Expectations 317 Time Frozen

Time Frozen

{Day 317 Page 339}  Pip quizzes Miss Havisham about how Estella came to live with her at Satis House. Miss H only knows that she asked Jaggers for a young daughter to raise and love and save from the same fate. He appeared one night with a girl about 2 or 3 years old, saying she had been orphaned. Miss H choose her name, Estella. That was all Pip needed to know. He’s convinced Estella is Molly’s love child. (The father being the husband of the woman she murdered, in a fight, maybe by accident.) After leaving Miss H, Pip wanders the neglected grounds, reflecting on his life and having a premonition that he’ll never return. His business with Miss H is over now. “So cold, so lonely, so dreary all!”

I choose to use photography this time. I think I’ve used photography for about 4 of the 317 pieces I’ve so far created. This is a pocket watch that is also frozen in time. Hence, does not work any more. I should try to get it fixed, It would be fun to wear it!

Art Expectations 316 Ice Cold

Ice Cold Heart

Detail of Ice Cold Heart

{Day 316 Page 338}  “What have I done!” cries Miss Havisham over and over. By shutting out the light she has shut out much more. She’s lost Estella and secluded herself. Pip says not to worry about him but to try to undo what she has done to Estella. She made Estella into a cold woman full of resentment, and at a very young age. She has a heart full of ice! Miss H admits to Pip that when she first started out she meant no harm. She simply meant to save Estella from heartbreak, from the same pain she had felt. Over time though, once she saw how beautiful Estella was, she adorned her with praise and jewels. She turned her into a tool for getting revenge for the injustices committed against her. (Being tricked into marriage, getting jilted at the altar, then being robbed by the very fiancé.)

Above is a mixed media piece I created using acrylic paint and pieces of old paper. I added some metal:  small copper rings and an old key register key button. I glued on a 3D printed little “iceberg” above Estella’s heart. I’ve had fun creating things on the 3D printer at the Richardson Public Library !

Art Expectations 315 Forgive

Pip Forgives

{Day 315 Page 337}
Pip tells Miss Havisham that there is nothing more he wants from her, only the money to pay off Herbert’s business debt. She writes a note on ivory leaves that are tarnished with gold using a pencil pulled from a small case that hung around her neck. The note tells Jaggers to pay Pip this money with no mention of what it is to be used for. She asks Pip for his forgiveness if he can ever do it. He says he can forgive her now. He is not bitter. She drops to her knees before him, grasping his hand and sobbing. He is surprised by her actions, having never seen her cry before. He begs her to rise. Pip tells her it’s not her fault. He would have loved Estella anyway, without Miss H’s help. He asks her if Estella is already married (to Drummle). “Yes.”

I changed up the look of my blog. I’ve had the same look/design since I started this, almost four years ago! Time for a change. If you’re just seeing this for the first time, I am reading every page of Great Expectations, a novel I enjoyed in high school, and doing a very quick little piece of art per page. On page 337 now, my 315th piece of artwork. The reason the numbers don’t match up? There are some illustrations scattered throughout my copy of the book, so therefore I skip doing my own art for those pages. Thanks for looking and hope you are all having a great day!