Art Expectations 315 Forgive


Pip Forgives

{Day 315 Page 337}
Pip tells Miss Havisham that there is nothing more he wants from her, only the money to pay off Herbert’s business debt. She writes a note on ivory leaves that are tarnished with gold using a pencil pulled from a small case that hung around her neck. The note tells Jaggers to pay Pip this money with no mention of what it is to be used for. She asks Pip for his forgiveness if he can ever do it. He says he can forgive her now. He is not bitter. She drops to her knees before him, grasping his hand and sobbing. He is surprised by her actions, having never seen her cry before. He begs her to rise. Pip tells her it’s not her fault. He would have loved Estella anyway, without Miss H’s help. He asks her if Estella is already married (to Drummle). “Yes.”

I changed up the look of my blog. I’ve had the same look/design since I started this, almost four years ago! Time for a change. If you’re just seeing this for the first time, I am reading every page of Great Expectations, a novel I enjoyed in high school, and doing a very quick little piece of art per page. On page 337 now, my 315th piece of artwork. The reason the numbers don’t match up? There are some illustrations scattered throughout my copy of the book, so therefore I skip doing my own art for those pages. Thanks for looking and hope you are all having a great day!

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