Art Expectations 317 Time Frozen


Time Frozen

{Day 317 Page 339}  Pip quizzes Miss Havisham about how Estella came to live with her at Satis House. Miss H only knows that she asked Jaggers for a young daughter to raise and love and save from the same fate. He appeared one night with a girl about 2 or 3 years old, saying she had been orphaned. Miss H choose her name, Estella. That was all Pip needed to know. He’s convinced Estella is Molly’s love child. (The father being the husband of the woman she murdered, in a fight, maybe by accident.) After leaving Miss H, Pip wanders the neglected grounds, reflecting on his life and having a premonition that he’ll never return. His business with Miss H is over now. “So cold, so lonely, so dreary all!”

I choose to use photography this time. I think I’ve used photography for about 4 of the 317 pieces I’ve so far created. This is a pocket watch that is also frozen in time. Hence, does not work any more. I should try to get it fixed, It would be fun to wear it!

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