Art Expectations FOUR days!


321-322 GreatExp The Truth 150

323-324 GreatExp Seeking 150

[Day 321 Page 343]  While Herbert changes out Pip’s bandages, he tells Pip what he’s learned from Provis (Magwitch), more about his background. He says Provis has mellowed some. Provis had told Herbert about a woman he once knew (no name given). This woman had had a fight with another stronger, older woman. This fight took place in a barn and ended in the older woman being strangled to death by the younger one. (WHAT?!) This younger woman was tried for murder. She was represented by Jaggers and was acquitted. (Now I remember why I loved this book in high school! So many twists and surprises.) Is Provis the man who had the affair with Molly and is the father of Estella?! This is all coming from Herbert as he tells Pip what Provis told him recently.

[Day 322 Page 344]  More from Herbert… On the night that Molly strangled the other woman, she swore to Provis, out of jealousy, that she’d destroy the child they’d had together. She told him he’d never see their daughter again. During the trial, Provis stays in hiding so as not to complicate matters and get Molly in further trouble. After the trial, Molly and their daughter disappear. He’s not seen them since. He assumes Molly killed their little girl. In one night, he lost his wife (the murdered one), Molly (girlfriend) and his daughter (now named Estella). That’s rough. Provis’s business partner (in crime), Compeyson, knows about all of this and that there may have been a child murdered. He holds this over Provis and treats him poorly, cheating him.

[Day 323 Page 345]  Herbert is now finished telling all he knows. He and Pip try to figure out how long ago all this happened – Molly strangling Provis’s wife and she and the daughter disappearing. Pip tells Herbert what he has put together from all of this new knowledge. Provis is Estella’s father. And Molly, her mother. I am thinking that Jaggers and Wemmick are the only ones that know the whole truth. {Chapter 51} Pip feels compelled to disclose this new information to all parties concerned: Provis, Molly, and most importantly, Estella. He decides to meet with Jaggers the next day to confirm the truth.

[Day 324 Page 346]  Pip finds Jaggers and Wemmick going over the books in their office. They ask him to describe the events of the fire at Satis House. Pip gives a full account of that horrible night. By giving Pip his sympathy, Jaggers comes across as more personable than usual. Pip then hands over the note from Miss Havisham requesting the money to pay off Herbert’s business debt. He gets a check for 900 pounds from them. Jaggers says he is sorry that they can’t do more for him. Pip admits to only wanting one thing from Miss H and that was all she knew about Estella’s background.

Here are four more panels on the accordion book, mixed media. These panels are very tiny, but all together looks pretty cool. Only a few panels left to go and it will be finished!

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