Art Expectations 325 Misfortune



[Day 325 Page 348]   After telling Jaggers and Wemmick about the Satis House fire and then receiving the money for Herbert’s business, Pip proceeds to talk about the third (MAIN) reason he is there. He tells them he knows who Estella’s mother is. And not only that, he also knows who her father is! Jaggers seems surprised, a rare emotion for him. But he gets himself under control very quickly. He admits that he does not know the father. When Pip tells him the father is Provis (Magwitch) Pip notices another slight sign of surprise from Jaggers. He tells Jaggers and Wemmick, who is listening silently, that Provis does not know that his daughter is even still alive, much less know who she is. Pip alone has put all this together from what he’s been told by Provis, Miss Havisham and Wemmick.

Here are two panels in the accordion book for this one page. I felt it needed two panels. Plus I was ready to work a little bigger! I first coated the panels with a heavy gel medium so that they would accept some paint. Then used acrylic and Inktense watercolor pencils to finish it off. Fall is finally here in the south, a little cooler and had some rain. But still green leaves! Hopefully we’ll see some pretty orange, red and yellow soon!

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