Art Expectations Day 328 Hush


Collage by Julie Flandorfer

Back to the story…
[Day 328, Page 352]
After Molly’s ordeal (killing her lover’s wife, being tried for murder and losing her daughter), she was afraid to go out into the world. So Jaggers took her in and kept her in line (his words). He employed her as a maid. Jaggers tells Pip that Estella only married Drummle for money, not love. Pip, Jaggers and Wemmick have just been discussing what Pip figured out. That Molly and Provis (Magwitch) are Estella’s true parents. Provis does not know that Estella and Molly are both still alive. Jaggers asks Pip what good it would do to let this news out. It would only disgrace Estella in the eyes of her new husband and his family. It would hurt her. He tells Pip he should cut off both his badly burned hands before spilling the  beans on this secret. Wemmick, Jaggers and Pip all silently touch their fingers to their lips. Mums the word!

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