Art Expectations Day 329 No Feelings


Collage by Julie Flandorfer

Happy Winter! Finally cooler here. It’s December, after all!
[Day 329, Page 352]
Jaggers and Wemmick get back to work while Pip looks on, as if nothing has happened. But there is tension in the air now. The two men look uncomfortable, as Pip has never seen them. Maybe too many secrets were revealed, including Wemmick having a private and pleasant life outside of work. Pip stays on and watches as a client comes in. He’s crying and babbling about his daughter being suspected of shoplifting.  He’s there to get their legal help. Wemmick and Jaggers both lose their patience with him. Wemmick demands that the man leave if he cannot control his emotions. (So cold!) “I’ll have no feeling here. Get out.” (So harsh!)


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