Art Expectations Day 330 Good Deed


Great Expectations collage bu Julie Flandorfer

Chapter 52 begins…
[Day 330 Page 353}
Pip takes the check from Jaggers (money from Miss Havisham) to settle the debt with Herbert’s business partner. (Remember, all along Pip thought that his money, his Great Expectations, was coming from Miss H. Including the money has was using to help Herbert in his business. But it was actually coming from the criminal that he helped out in the graveyard near his childhood home when he was a child. But this time, this check, is from her.) He goes to Herbert’s business partner, Clarriker, right away to settle the debt. Pip says to himself that this is the one and only good thing he’s done. He set Herbert up in his business, got him a respectable career with a promising future so that he could marry his love, Clara Barley. Pip’s a little sad now because he realizes he’ll soon lose Herbert along with having lost Estella.

After a short time, he receives the long-awaited letter from  Wemmick implying that it’s finally time to get Provis out of London and perhaps, England. Pip’s arms and hands are still too injured from the fire at Miss H’s to do any rowing. He and Herbert decide to ask their friend Startop to help with this task. They’ll be very careful how much they reveal to him.

Finally, they’ll move Provis out of Clara’s home! Here is the last of the three panels I did. They are all on hardboard, 6×6 inches. I used collage (old dictionary pages and bits of doodles) along with acrylic paint.

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