Art Expectations 332 Two Letters


332 Greatexp 2 Letters 150

[Day 332, Page 355] Pip is back at the Temple after making the arrangements for getting Provis (also known as Magwitch) out of England. He finds a letter waiting for him in his home. The letter is unsigned and asks Pip to come to the old marshes that night or the next at 9:00 pm. It states to come alone for information about “your uncle Provis”. Scary! Is it from Compeyson? Pip had enough to worry about already. And now this. He decides to go right away, catching the last coach of the day, leaving in 30 minutes. He leaves a note for Herbert stating that he’s going home to check on Miss Havisham. Lies. So, TWO letters. The first was from Wemmick telling of the need to now get Provis out of town. This letter was received with relief to finally be making a move. The second letter, mentioned above, was unexpected and weighs heavily on him. On the ride back to his hometown in the coach, he wonders who that letter was from. Maybe he shouldn’t have come? Should he jump out of the coach now and back out of this mysterious, possibly dangerous, meeting?

Here is another “on the road” piece depicting Pip with two letters. I used a discarded diskette. At least I wasn’t riding in a bumpy coach, but a mini van with heat!

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