Art Expectations 333 Guilt


333 Greatexp Guilt 150

[Day 333, Page 356]  Pip stayed on the coach. He didn’t bail. He’ll meet the mystery person (and maybe his maker) in the marshes at 9:00 that night. Once in town, he checks into a nondescript inn, not the usual Blue Boar Inn. He’s keeping a low profile. The first thing he does is to go visit Miss Havisham at Satis House. She is somewhat improved but still very ill. (She caught on fire in her tattered wedding gown from sparks from her fireplace. Pip saved her by wrapping his arms around her and putting out the flames. His arms and hands became badly burnt also and he’s still recovering.) He goes back to his inn for some dinner. He asks the landlord to help him cut his meat and they start chatting. The landlord knows Pumblechook. He also talks of a young man who is ungrateful and never visits those that made him and cared for him. Hmmm, wonder who he’s talking about? Pip becomes sullen, thinking about Joe and Biddy. He hasn’t visited them in a long while. He often goes back home, but only stops by to see Miss Havisham and especially Estella.

Here is a watercolor doodle. Very quick sketch. On the road still!

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