ArtExpectations 334 Marsh at Dusk


Marshland at Sunset

[Day 334, Page 357]
Pip is back in his hometown to meet with someone about Provis. After mulling over his thanklessness to Joe, Pip heads out toward the marshes to see who sent the letter regarding Provis.  {Chapter 53} Dickens begins this chapter with a vivid description of the marshes as Pip heads out: a full red moon, mountains of clouds with a clear ribbon of sky over a black horizon. Pip has to gingerly step over and around sleeping cows by the gates. “There was a melancholy wind, and the marshes were very dismal.” Despite the dark, oppressive marshes and against his better judgement, Pip trudges toward the meeting spot. He passes through a stone quarry and by a smelly lime kiln. He arrives at the sluice-house (the meeting spot) and knocks on the door.

Here is a photo I took while on vacation back in my hometown a few weeks ago. Traveling down a highway in the country, just south of Tupelo, I snapped this photo of the sun setting over a flooded creek by the road. We’d had a lot of rain that week!

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