Art Expectations 336 The Big O


Great Expectations Sketch by Julie Flandorfer

It’s not what you think! OR, who you may think! [Day 336, Page 359]
Pip has been tied up, captured, by someone in the sluice-house in the marshes.

So, what is a sluice-house? I was wondering that myself. Here is what I found out at “A sluice-house is a building named for, because near or associated with, a sluice. A sluice is a mechanism for regulating the flow of water — “A structure of wood or masonry, a dam or embankment, for impounding the water of a river, canal, etc., provided with an adjustable gate or gates by which the volume of water is regulated or controlled” 

Eventually a small flare of candlelight flashes up and Pip sees that his captor is Orlick! (Remember him? He worked for Joe, the blacksmith. Joe was married to Pip’s sister and the two of them were raising Pip. Pip always believed Orlick was the one who attacked his sister, eventually leading to her death. Orlick later worked for Miss Havisham. I believe Pip had a hand in getting Orlick fired from that job. Pip never liked or trusted the man.) ORLICK?! With the little bit of light now, Pip sees that he’s been strapped to a ladder that leads up to a loft in the little house. Orlick sits at the table in front of him. He repeats, “Now, I’ve got you!” Pip screams back, “Unbind me. Let me go!” Orlick says something about one person keeping a secret better than two. He calls Pip an enemy and pulls out a gun. He claims Pip came between him and a young woman he liked. Is he talking about Biddy? Or Estella?

Here is the last of the quick little sketches I did in the car while on the road. I thought we’d seen the last of Orlick. But here he is again, to cause problems for Pip, and possibly end his life!

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