Art Expectations 337 Sluiced


Pip at the Sluice House

Pip is still lashed to the ladder in the sluice-house in the marshes with Orlick threatening his life. Orlick blames Pip for always getting in the way and ruining his life. He tells Pip he plans to kill him and put his body in the kiln so there’ll be no trace of him. Pip starts to worry about what people will think after he’s gone. He figures they will all believe him to be a coward, running from his problems. No one knows about this letter and this meeting in the marshes. If he disappears, they may all think he ran away. He is more worried about how he’ll be remembered than of actually dying. He doesn’t want his friends and family to think poorly of him. Who does, I suppose? He did give up a good portion of his “freely gained money” to help out Herbert. He was kind for the most part, especially to Miss Havisham, the lonely old widow. Too bad he did not keep in contact with Joe and Biddy. If he survives this, hopefully he’ll see to remedying that!

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