Art Expectations 338 Last Drop


Every Last Drop

Even as Pip knows he’s a goner, he will not beg Orlick for his life. He still detests this man. He’d kill him now even if it meant dying himself. He notices that Orlick is a wee bit tipsy, often taking swigs from a bottle hung around his neck. Orlick tells Pip he is the one who attacked Pip’s sister, which led to her death later. No one had ever been blamed or tried for this. But Pip always suspected Orlick to be the one who did it. Orlick tells Pip it’s all Pip’s fault though, the reason he attacked Mrs Joe. Pip was the preferred, privileged one. And Orlick was the bullied and beat one. Orlick drinks more from the bottle. “I knew that every drop it held, was a drop of my life” Pip thought. He sees himself drifting off in the vapors of the lonely marsh.

Here is a quick little sketch using alcohol inks on glossy paper.

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