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Art Expectations 344 Sunrise

Sunrise Over London by Julie Flandorfer

[Day 344 Page 368]
Dickens describes a beautiful sunrise over London as viewed by Pip out his window. The winking lights on the bridges are dimming, the rising sun like a marsh of fire, the river still and dark, clustered rooftops and church spires shoot into a clear sky and a veil of mist seems to rise up from the river revealing a million sparkles of sunlight. Upon seeing this magical scene, Pip feels suddenly re-energized, strong and well, ready to make his trip down the river with Provis, Herbert and Startop.

Chapter 54
It’s a typical March day in London; hot sun but cold wind. “When it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” As they leave their home, Pip looks back and wonders when he’ll be home again, if ever. They set off in the boat, with Herbert in the bow and Pip steering. It’s about 8:30 a.m.

I know my meager painting does not do this London sunrise justice! I did a quick watercolor sketch, placing down loose blobs of paint, then defining the city shapes with ink on top. At the rate I’ve been going, this project will take me another whole year!  Anyway, I hope everyone is having a Happy March and a “warm sun-cool breeze” Spring!


Art Expectations 343 River of Dreams

Great Expectation Dreams

[Day 343 Page 367] Back in town, Pip pays Trabb’s boy two guineas hoping he’ll keep his mouth shut about this incident and for all his help. Startop, Herbert and Pip head back to London, arriving at daybreak. It’s Tuesday. Pip, exhausted from the experience, rests all day at home. Lying in bed, his burning arm throbs and his burning head throbs. He counts up to high numbers trying to get to sleep. His He is very stressed about the plans for the following day with Provis, Herbert and Startop. He has fitful dreams about Provis being discovered and arrested. About himself becoming too ill to travel and helping row him out of town. At midnight he goes to Herbert’s room believing he’s slept right through Wednesday and the planned trip. Herbert assures him he has not. Pip finally goes back to bed and sleeps the rest of the night.

Here is a piece of art I made from junk mail:
Junk mail art By Julie Flandorfer

Art Expectations 342 Injured Soul

Injured Soul by Julie Flandorfer

[Day 342 Page 366] As Pip is helped along by Herbert he recalls saying a prayer on his way to the sluice-house. Now he says a thanksgiving on his way back from there and back from near death. Pip finds out the story of how they found and rescued him. He had accidentally dropped the mysterious letter beckoning him to go there back in their apartment. Herbert, finding the letter, figured that was where Pip had disappeared to. And he decided to head there to help him. He takes Startop along. Once in the little town, they look around for Pip at the Blue Boar, Satis House and back at the hotel. Not finding him, they ask Trabb’s boy to lead them to the sluice-house. Upon approaching the sluice-house Herbert hears Pip cry out. He bursts in with Startop and Trabb’s boy close behind. (Just in the nick of time!) Now that they are on their way back to town, Herbert wants to report this incident to the police and get a warrant for Orlick’s arrest. Pip persuades him that starting a hunt for Orlick would interfere with their plans on Wednesday (in two days) to get Provis out of town.

I haven’t used watercolor in a while. I am not sure why, because I love to paint with it! I’ve actually used gouache  here combined with pen and ink. This is a portrait of Pip with his bandaged arms, just saved from being killed by Orlick and after having lost the love of his life. I hope things look up for him soon!

Art Expectations 341 Rescue

Rescue in the Marsh

[Day 341 Page 365]  (Pip is in the sluice-house in the marshes being held captive by Orlick who is about to hammer on his head!) Pip screams one last time. He hears replies and then sees figures coming in the door. Orlick flies over the table and out into the night. Then, blackness. After some time has passed, he’s not sure how long, Pip wakes with his head on someone’s knee, staring up at the ladder that he’d been tied to. The knee belongs to his good friend Herbert! And Trabb’s boy is there as well. (This boy is the tailor’s helper in town.) Also there: Startop. Pip is dazed and thinks that he has been out for a long while. Herbert assures him that it is still Monday night. They re-bandage Pip’s burnt arms and head back to town. The moon is higher now and the night brighter as white vapor from the kiln passes them by.

I’ve been practicing with marbling paper, so as you can imagine, I have lots of marbled pieces around. I decided to use one as the background for this day’s artwork. The blue, white and black swirls remind me of the vapor rising from the heat of the kiln near the sluice-house. I then used paint pens, collage paper from the book text and more paint on top. Thanks for looking!

Art Expectations 340 Bad Scene

Hammer in da House by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 340 Page 364}  Orlick swings the candle so close to Pip’s face that he almost catches on fire! He still has Pip tied to the ladder in the sluice-house in the marshes. Pip is already badly burnt on his arms from the fire at Satis House. Orlick tells Pip that he knows about the fire and about Magwitch, aka Provis. His companions (Orlick has friends?!) will make sure Provis won’t live wherever he goes. He also mentions the name Compeyson. Uh oh, he’s hooked up with that scoundrel. As Pip hears Orlick speak of these things, he knows Orlick wouldn’t have told him all this if he planned on letting Pip live. Orlick drinks the very last drop of liquor, swears, then angrily gets up wielding a stone hammer. Pip decides to give one last attempt at screaming for help. He still has not begged Orlick for his life. He kicks his legs trying to make as much noise as possible. Will someone hear?

Here’s a fun little neon acrylic painting of the sluice-house. I made a light-hearted version, since surely it a dark and grim night for Pip.