Art Expectations 340 Bad Scene


Hammer in da House by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 340 Page 364}  Orlick swings the candle so close to Pip’s face that he almost catches on fire! He still has Pip tied to the ladder in the sluice-house in the marshes. Pip is already badly burnt on his arms from the fire at Satis House. Orlick tells Pip that he knows about the fire and about Magwitch, aka Provis. His companions (Orlick has friends?!) will make sure Provis won’t live wherever he goes. He also mentions the name Compeyson. Uh oh, he’s hooked up with that scoundrel. As Pip hears Orlick speak of these things, he knows Orlick wouldn’t have told him all this if he planned on letting Pip live. Orlick drinks the very last drop of liquor, swears, then angrily gets up wielding a stone hammer. Pip decides to give one last attempt at screaming for help. He still has not begged Orlick for his life. He kicks his legs trying to make as much noise as possible. Will someone hear?

Here’s a fun little neon acrylic painting of the sluice-house. I made a light-hearted version, since surely it a dark and grim night for Pip.

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