Art Expectations 341 Rescue


Rescue in the Marsh

[Day 341 Page 365]  (Pip is in the sluice-house in the marshes being held captive by Orlick who is about to hammer on his head!) Pip screams one last time. He hears replies and then sees figures coming in the door. Orlick flies over the table and out into the night. Then, blackness. After some time has passed, he’s not sure how long, Pip wakes with his head on someone’s knee, staring up at the ladder that he’d been tied to. The knee belongs to his good friend Herbert! And Trabb’s boy is there as well. (This boy is the tailor’s helper in town.) Also there: Startop. Pip is dazed and thinks that he has been out for a long while. Herbert assures him that it is still Monday night. They re-bandage Pip’s burnt arms and head back to town. The moon is higher now and the night brighter as white vapor from the kiln passes them by.

I’ve been practicing with marbling paper, so as you can imagine, I have lots of marbled pieces around. I decided to use one as the background for this day’s artwork. The blue, white and black swirls remind me of the vapor rising from the heat of the kiln near the sluice-house. I then used paint pens, collage paper from the book text and more paint on top. Thanks for looking!

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