Art Expectations 342 Injured Soul


Injured Soul by Julie Flandorfer

[Day 342 Page 366] As Pip is helped along by Herbert he recalls saying a prayer on his way to the sluice-house. Now he says a thanksgiving on his way back from there and back from near death. Pip finds out the story of how they found and rescued him. He had accidentally dropped the mysterious letter beckoning him to go there back in their apartment. Herbert, finding the letter, figured that was where Pip had disappeared to. And he decided to head there to help him. He takes Startop along. Once in the little town, they look around for Pip at the Blue Boar, Satis House and back at the hotel. Not finding him, they ask Trabb’s boy to lead them to the sluice-house. Upon approaching the sluice-house Herbert hears Pip cry out. He bursts in with Startop and Trabb’s boy close behind. (Just in the nick of time!) Now that they are on their way back to town, Herbert wants to report this incident to the police and get a warrant for Orlick’s arrest. Pip persuades him that starting a hunt for Orlick would interfere with their plans on Wednesday (in two days) to get Provis out of town.

I haven’t used watercolor in a while. I am not sure why, because I love to paint with it! I’ve actually used gouache  here combined with pen and ink. This is a portrait of Pip with his bandaged arms, just saved from being killed by Orlick and after having lost the love of his life. I hope things look up for him soon!

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