Art Expectations 343 River of Dreams


Great Expectation Dreams

[Day 343 Page 367] Back in town, Pip pays Trabb’s boy two guineas hoping he’ll keep his mouth shut about this incident and for all his help. Startop, Herbert and Pip head back to London, arriving at daybreak. It’s Tuesday. Pip, exhausted from the experience, rests all day at home. Lying in bed, his burning arm throbs and his burning head throbs. He counts up to high numbers trying to get to sleep. His He is very stressed about the plans for the following day with Provis, Herbert and Startop. He has fitful dreams about Provis being discovered and arrested. About himself becoming too ill to travel and helping row him out of town. At midnight he goes to Herbert’s room believing he’s slept right through Wednesday and the planned trip. Herbert assures him he has not. Pip finally goes back to bed and sleeps the rest of the night.

Here is a piece of art I made from junk mail:
Junk mail art By Julie Flandorfer

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