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Art Expectations 348 Setting Sun

River Sun by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 348 Page 372} Sun Setting on the River
As the tide is strong, they make good time down the river. They pass Gravesend. Since Provis is hidden in his cloak, Pip bravely passes close to the floating Custom House, near two emigrant ships and under the “bows of a large transport with troops on the forecastle looking down” at them. The tide turns and they try to stay out of the way as a fleet of ships crowd around them. The take a short break to eat on the muddy shore. As Pip looks around, he notices that this part of the river looks like his childhood home in the marshes. “Flat with a dim horizon”, a winding river. Everything (slimy stakes, shiny stones, red landmarks and tidemarks, a roofless building) seems stagnate and stuck. Stuck in the mud. Stuck in time. They start off again. It’s much harder now going against the tide. Herbert and Startop row and row until sundown. (Pip can’t help because his hands and arms are still injured from the fire at Satis House.) There is a purple haze around the red setting sun. All black except for a “melancholy gull”. They decide that they’ll stop at the first lonely tavern they spot.

Here is the third in my little series of small abstract acrylic paintings. I’m on a roll this week. Hopefully I can keep it up!


Art Expectations 347 Beer on the Boat!

Jug O' Beer by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 347 Page 371} Provis continues to talk about freedom. They are all four on the boat cutting through the shipyards on the Thames River, getting the heck out of dodge (London). Provis tells of his life as Magwitch in the States. He could come and go as he pleased, working and getting rich. In London though, he’s seen as a criminal, an escaped convict. Pip tells him he will soon be free and safe again. If all goes well. Provis says that they can no more see through the next few hours as they can see to the bottom of the murky river. He claims he’s not despondent, just relaxed by the quietness of the flowing river and perhaps, he’s just getting old. After a bit, they pull ashore to get some “beer in the boat”. Very important. Provis starts to climb out with them. Pip suggests he’d be safest staying in the boat, Provis sits back down. Either he’s become too comfortable with his situation or he is getting old, forgetful.

Here is a nice big jug of beer for the boys! In the way of a small acrylic painting. Can’t wait to find out what happens to all of them!

Art Expectations 346 Murky Times

Murky River by Julie Flandorfer

Murky River and Murky Times for Pip {Day 346 Page 370}
Pip, Herbert and Startop are still in the row boat heading to get Provis (Magwitch) out of town. They lightly touch the stairs at Mill Pond Bank and Provis hops aboard, looking like a river-pilot wearing a boat-cloak. He thanks Pip and takes his seat. They continue to weave their way through the busy shipyard, darting to avoid hanging rusty chains. A description of this part of the Thames River: bobbing buoys, floating broken baskets, chips of wood and scum of coal. They hear saws cutting timber, hammers banging away, clashing engines and pumps working on leaky ships. Since their departure that morning, Pip has kept an eye out for anyone following them. He’s seen no one. Provis seems the least worried of any of them. He doesn’t meet danger half-way but waits until it comes to be bothered by it. He says he’s happy to be out of those four walls finally. (He’d been hiding out at Herbert’s girlfriend’s family home in Mill Pond Bank.) Pip believes he understands the “delights of freedom.”

I created a small abstract acrylic painting of the river with the chains and floating buoy. Have a great day!

Art Expectations 345 Starting Off

Great River Thames watercolor

[Day 345 Page 369]
Pip, Startop and Herbert start out rowing at 8:30 am on a Wednesday in March. They plan to row all day and into the night, after picking up Provis of course. They’ll stop along the banks at a public-house to rest and dine that night. They plan to catch one of two steamers the next day. Headed where? No one really knows yet.

There are many other boaters on the Thames that day. But that was normal and not a problem. Pip names off the landmarks as they pass down the river: Old London Bridge, Old Billingsgate Market, White Tower, Traitor’s Gate and shipyards where steamers are unloading and loading. They are now approaching Mill Pond Bank and the stairs where they’ll take Provis onboard their little rowboat.

Here is a small quick watercolor of the river. You can just see their boat off to the left coming into view. I knocked off FOUR pages and artworks this morning! I’ll try to get all of them posted soon. I’ve gotten behind (so what’s new?!). Mainly because I’ve been working on some other projects. (Plus also been binging on Mr Selfridge, the PBS series starring Jeremy Piven. So good. Hey, I needed something to fill the Downton Abbey hole in my schedule!) The other things I’ve been working on are an art guitar for the Wildflower Festival in Richardson Texas, lots of marbling practice for a workshop and also paper flower making for another workshop. So, as you can see, I’ve been very busy!