Art Expectations 346 Murky Times


Murky River by Julie Flandorfer

Murky River and Murky Times for Pip {Day 346 Page 370}
Pip, Herbert and Startop are still in the row boat heading to get Provis (Magwitch) out of town. They lightly touch the stairs at Mill Pond Bank and Provis hops aboard, looking like a river-pilot wearing a boat-cloak. He thanks Pip and takes his seat. They continue to weave their way through the busy shipyard, darting to avoid hanging rusty chains. A description of this part of the Thames River: bobbing buoys, floating broken baskets, chips of wood and scum of coal. They hear saws cutting timber, hammers banging away, clashing engines and pumps working on leaky ships. Since their departure that morning, Pip has kept an eye out for anyone following them. He’s seen no one. Provis seems the least worried of any of them. He doesn’t meet danger half-way but waits until it comes to be bothered by it. He says he’s happy to be out of those four walls finally. (He’d been hiding out at Herbert’s girlfriend’s family home in Mill Pond Bank.) Pip believes he understands the “delights of freedom.”

I created a small abstract acrylic painting of the river with the chains and floating buoy. Have a great day!

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