Art Expectations 348 Setting Sun


River Sun by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 348 Page 372} Sun Setting on the River
As the tide is strong, they make good time down the river. They pass Gravesend. Since Provis is hidden in his cloak, Pip bravely passes close to the floating Custom House, near two emigrant ships and under the “bows of a large transport with troops on the forecastle looking down” at them. The tide turns and they try to stay out of the way as a fleet of ships crowd around them. The take a short break to eat on the muddy shore. As Pip looks around, he notices that this part of the river looks like his childhood home in the marshes. “Flat with a dim horizon”, a winding river. Everything (slimy stakes, shiny stones, red landmarks and tidemarks, a roofless building) seems stagnate and stuck. Stuck in the mud. Stuck in time. They start off again. It’s much harder now going against the tide. Herbert and Startop row and row until sundown. (Pip can’t help because his hands and arms are still injured from the fire at Satis House.) There is a purple haze around the red setting sun. All black except for a “melancholy gull”. They decide that they’ll stop at the first lonely tavern they spot.

Here is the third in my little series of small abstract acrylic paintings. I’m on a roll this week. Hopefully I can keep it up!

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