Art Expectations 349-50 Starry Soggy River


Starry River

Soggy Shoes

TWO days! I recently got back from holiday. (See what I did there – trying to sound British 🙂 )
We were on the road for two long days. During this time I created some sketches en route.
In the car. So don’t expect anything outstanding. Just some quick sketchy sketches!
I found an old paper sample book to create in. I love these little books with various papers. They are like flip books. (I’ll include a picture at the end showing the whole thing folded up.) Now back to Pip and his story…

{Day 349 Page 373}  It’s very dark and cold on the river. The only light comes from stars reflected on the water. They (Herbert, Startop, Pip and Magwitch) all start to become paranoid of every sound they hear, thinking that they are being followed. After a long while, Pip spots a public-house (hotel). It’s a dirty place and Pip imagines it has been frequently visited by other “smuggling adventurers”. But there’s a fire, and eggs and bacon and liquor. Plus two rooms, each with two beds! Just the place to hide out for the night. A slimy-looking assistant (they call him Jack), helps them bring up their boat. The bedrooms are filthy but Pip is appreciative that the place has no other guests. Around the fire after dinner, Jack tells them how he got his swollen shoes off a drowned seaman who’d washed ashore.

{Day 350 Page 374}  Jack continues to tell about his shoes. The boat (that had held the drowned seaman before he was drowned) pulled ashore at their hotel to get some beer. Jack had his suspicions that “they was, what they wasn’t”. The landlord and Jack go back and forth arguing about this crew. Jack is very confident. He saw the men were up to no good. This conversation makes Pip and his crew all uneasy. Being that they are also up to no good!

Here’s what the whole book looks like folded up:

whole sample paper book 150

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