Art Expectations 351-2 Spies


Spies in the NIght


{Day 351 Page 376}  At the hotel on the river…  Pip sends Provis (Magwitch) up to bed. He and the other two men go outside to have a meeting to decide what to do next. Should they leave first thing in the morning? Or wait until about 1:00 just in time to catch the next steamer? They decide on the latter and head up to bed. Pip awakens after a few hours by the banging of the hotel sign outside. He goes to look out the window and sees two men starring into their boat! In the middle of the night! Pip watches until the men walk away into the darkness. He eventually falls back to sleep. In the morning he tells the others what he saw. As usual, Provis is the least concerned. A change of plans: Pip and Provis will head out on foot immediately after breakfast, not telling anyone at the hotel. They’ll walk down the river bank and later meet up with Herbert and Startop in the boat, around noon.

{Day 352 Page 377}  Pip and Provis start out on foot as planned. They walk quietly along the shore staying out of sight. Provis still seems very content and untroubled. He seems to console Pip, even though he’s the real one in trouble (running from the law). They reach the meeting point and eventually Herbert picks them up in the boat. The continue on the river. They soon spot smoke from the first steamer. Then they see both of the steamers. The first one is headed toward Hamburg. As they proceed toward this one, Pip spots another small boat pulling up next to their boat. It seems to have been hiding, waiting for them. Two men are on this boat. One tells them he knows who the man hiding in the cloak is. It’s Abel Magwitch also known as Provis. He plans to apprehend him and he should go ahead and surrender. Oh no, they’ve been caught!

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