Art Expectations 382 Joe’s Portrait



With only FOUR pages to go, I decided to do four portraits: Joe, Pip, Magwitch and Estella. Here is Joe. {Day 382, Page 408}

Dickens tells of the next phase of Pip’s life:
– he sold all his belongings
– started paying off his creditors
– left England
– went to work for Herbert and Clarriker (this is the business he secretly helped get started using his “great expectations” money from Magwitch)
– he goes to live with Herbert and Clara (her father passed away)
– he begins to write regularly to Joe and Biddy

He works hard to become a third (partner?) in the firm. Clarriker says he can no longer hide the secret. He tells Herbert where the money came from. Instead of becoming angry at Pip for secretly funding his career and not believing that he could make it on his own, their friendship grows stronger. Herbert is moved and amazed at Pip’s generosity. Their business continues to do well, not making “mints of money”, but well enough.
Chapter 59:   After eleven years of all this hard work, Pip finally returns home to find Joe, Biddy, a little boy and a baby girl all sitting by the fire. They have named their boy Pip.



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