Altered Books

Here are some Altered Books that I have worked on. I was learning (teaching myself) how to do them in order to teach other people in several workshops I taught. So I was experimenting a lot! Some pieces are more collage, others more paint and drawing. I was trying every technique under the sun! And it sure was fun. There are many, so keep scrolling down.


Altered Book

Pip Flies Away












7 thoughts on “Altered Books

    1. Thanks! I usually paint on canvas as well. Used to be just straight paint, oil. But started doing collages/mixed media about 2 years ago. And switched to acrylics then too because I just felt like it’s a little less toxic. I offered up to the library where I work part-time that I would teach an altered book workshop. (I had never made an altered book before!) This was a few years ago. So I had to learn. Nothing like a deadline to make you learn something new. And I ended up really enjoying it!

    1. fortheloveofart: The best thing to do is just jump into it! I only started doing it myself a few years ago. I learned how to alter books by checking out some books on the topic from my public library. (I happen to work there also!) If your library does not have any, ask them to order one or two, can’t hurt to ask. There are also great tutorials on youtube. But the books were the best help. Be brave, and start ripping out pages (of an old book, of course)!

  1. I really like these experiments! sometimes the best work comes from exploring. 😀 I have been inspired by your work; I have lots of old books at my work, and i was wanting to take them and do something with them….looks like i might borrow a few of your ideas and do a bit of experimenting on me own. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, glad to hear I actually inspired someone else! Thanks for that. I am constantly being inspired by other’s artwork also on the internet, especially etsy… wow, so much great stuff on there!

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