Sunkist Sunshine

Abstracted Figures

I created this painting of my family in San Francisco last year. I’m still experimenting with being more abstract with my figures. This is acrylic (lately though, I am mostly using watercolors) and collage items added in from an old comic book. I gave this to my husband as a birthday gift. I think it’s hanging at his work in his office. I did it very quickly. I just can’t seem to work slowly these days! Is that from trying to juggle too many personal projects, work and family members all at once? Probably. C’est la vie! Until next time… happy creating to you all. I hope you’re finding the inspiration, and time, to create to your heart’s content!

ArtExpectations A New Path

Abstracted Figures

I took a little break after completing the novel art project based on Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. But I’ve been busy! Creating art and teaching a few classes at my day job. It’s been a rough summer with all the hurricanes, earthquakes and then the shooting in Las Vegas last week. So sad. It’s prompted me to be looser in my work. Life’s too short! Here are two recent abstracted figure paintings. Hope you are all well and welcome back to my site.Reconnections

Lily Luna