Art Expectations Day 105



The stranger at the bar continues to put Mr Wopsle on the spot for assuming that the suspect in the murder case was guilty before having his day in court. Then the stranger asks aloud for Joe, the blacksmith and then for Pip. “I am here!” says Pip. Wonder what he wants?

That’s it! Pretty boring page, nothing much happening. BUT I can’t wait to see what the stranger wants from them. Is he the convict from several years past?

I did an acrylic painting, letting some of the paint run, drawing on top with a thin white paint pen. I looked at one of the ink drawings by F. W. Pailthorpe in the book for my reference for Pip and Joe. (It’s below.) Pip is in the bar with Joe awaiting the strangers request.

Art Expectations Day 79


Almost Day 80!!!

Here is a 5×5 canvas piece I have been working on, on-and-off all week. I started out painting random blobs of acrylic paint all over, letting dry, then painting more layers on top. (Had to get rid of that blank white canvas just staring at and taunting me!) I then chose 3 pieces of paper art to glue on with matte Gel Medium. I chose the bird because I bet Pip sometimes wished he was a bird to fly away from all the crazy, demanding people in his life, to be set free.

The funny little old man is from a deck of antique Old Maid cards. The character reminds me of Mr Pumblechook. The third piece of paper is a strip from an old Sears catalog, just added for some extra texture. I painted more layers on top, scratching into some areas while still wet.

On page 88, Joe is teasing Mrs Joe with the amount of money that Miss Havisham gave to them for all Pip’s hard work (play?) at her house. I am pretty sure Pip will see none of this money!

Great Expectations Day 52


Here is Pip in a chair, in Miss Joe’s kitchen being interrogated by Uncle Pumblechook about his visit to Miss Havisham’s. He doesn’t want to share with them the truth. So basically he is keeping his mouth shut. Miss Joe is roughing him up for this. From Pip’s point of view, they are being cruel. And maybe they are. But possibly they are thinking of his best interest and thinking that if Pip gets in good with Miss Havisham, his future could change for the better.

Pip tells them that Miss H is tall and dark, which she isn’t. When Uncle P agrees with this, Pip realizes that he has never actually met her. Interesting!

I did this background acrylic painting a while back to use simply as background art when needed. I scanned it in, drew a white silhouette of Pip on the chair and grunged it up a bit too.

Great Expectations Day 42


Day 4 (I took Sunday, yesterday, off. Family in town and it’s Spring Break for my kids this week. Yeah!)

This page (page 46) is what gave me the inspiration for the illustration above. Pip notices that the shopkeepers in town around Mr Pumblechook’s home and business spy on each other suspiciously. Mr P (the corn chandler) watches the saddler, who watches the coach-maker, who eyes the baker, staring at the grocer, who looks at the chemist. In the middle of it all is the watch-maker, who seems to be the only one concentrating on his own actual work! I thought this was so funny!

Pip is grilled by Mr P over breakfast with math and multiplication problems. At 10 o-clock they head to Miss Havisham’s house. Her house is described as old brick with some windows boarded up. The front gate is locked and there is an abandoned brewery next door.

I decided to use acrylic paint on this illustration on Crescent board. I work from the background forward, painting in the ground first and then the buildings. I’ll have fun starting on the gentlemen!

Great Expectations Altered Book


Here is the whole thing! All finished:

This is my altered book triptych based on pages of Great Expectations that I have read over the past few days. I’ve been reading a page a day for about 39-40 days now and creating art to go along with what I read.

My son has finished reading this book for his 9th grade literature class. Well, I don’t think he really read much of it. He skimmed through it and read something on-line similar to the Cliffs-Notes we used to read in high school. But at least now I get to keep the book to myself so I can more easily read the rest of it! (Instead of trying to find it in the bottom of his 50 pound backpack everyday!)

I used several children’s discarded board books to create this project. Look at my previous posts to see the progress!

Great Expectations Day 29


Happy Day 29! I’ve been doing this for almost a month now! I’ll tell you what’s going on in the story (Great Expectations… I’m on page 32) first and then explain my work of art.

The soldiers have caught up with the convicts, whom they found fighting in a ditch. The sergeant orders the torches lit and they head off toward the prison-ship. (Night has fallen.) The convict finally spots Pip in the crowd and gives him an unusual look. Pip does not understand it, but is relieved that the convict does not expose him and reveal Pip’s secret. (The thievery.) As they march along in the marsh, three cannons are heard. The sergeant tells Pip’s convict that he is wanted on board.

I love Carla Sonheim’s approach to art and her book Drawing Lab. Recently she has been playing around with gesso and drawing into it while wet, creating work similar to mine above. Actually mine is similar to HERS, as I followed her tutorial on this technique. Check it out! Her book has some great ideas to help you play with your art, learn some new techniques and spur your creativity. My piece above represents the three cannons heard fired in the marsh. I made the piece a little gloomy, since it’s night-time while they march off in the marsh with two convicts in tow and cannons booming off! (I think it’s still Christmas Day in the story. What a long day this has been!)

Here’s a sample of Carla’s work:


Great Expectations Day 14


I did this VERY quick little painting on a piece of junk mail I received. I like to recycle when I can! I first painted the pork pie and then the bottle of Brandy. But instead of doing a still life on a table top (the convict is actually enjoying these treats in the battery not in a kitchen anyway) I did a landscape of what the trees in the marsh might look like. The painting appears very rough and primitive to me. I would normally consider this a “study” rather than a finished piece of art. But I still like it!

As the convict is enjoying the food, Pip thinks he looks like a dog, wolfing and biting and gulping food and worrying about intruders coming to take it away. The convict does thank Pip, in a round-about way. Pip tells the convict that he saw the “other” younger man. The convict seems started by this.

Great Expectations Day 13


Day 13, feeling very cold and blue. Not only because it’s finally feeling like winter here in Texas, but this part of the story is making me feel cold and blue! Pip, after running through the misty marsh at daybreak, comes upon a man sleeping sitting up. He believes it to be the convict, but after gently waking him, finds out it is a different man. He then believes it to be the other convict, the young one. After this convict runs off scared, Pip proceeds to the battery and finds the convict he met the previous day, giving him the food, brandy and file.

The convict is very cold, shivering, hugging himself and limping. Pip suspects he has the “ague”. I am guessing he is talking about the plague? The convict starts to gulp down the food and brandy.

I did a quick acrylic painting using metallic silver to represent the iron on the convicts leg, wrapping around the circles. This may not be my most successful painting (far from it), but I love these colors and it hopefully gives off the feelings of being cold, desperate and desolate.