Art Expectations 380 Wedding Day


Art Journal Great Expectations by Julie Flandorfer

Pip continues his walk toward his childhood home to see Joe and reconnect (romantically) with Biddy. He expects to hear Joe’s hammer clinking and clanking in his shop, but hears nothing. There are sweet green lime trees and chestnut trees with leaves rustling in the breeze. But no hammer sounds. As he approaches he sees that the forge is all shut up. That’s unusual. Biddy and Joe spot Pip approaching and run to greet him. They weep and embrace. Pip has not been back in a very long time. Biddy looks fresh and pleasant. She says, “It’s my wedding day” and “I am married to Joe!” What?! (I guess I did see that coming. But Pip did not.) He must have fainted because he woke up with his head on the table in the house. They are both overjoyed to see him. So delighted and proud. His coming on this very day, their wedding day, was a grand surprise. Back in London when Joe was nursing him back to health, Pip had almost told Joe about his plans with Biddy. Thank goodness he had not! That would have been very awkward for them all.

I’ve been working more on art journaling. So here is an entry in one of my on-going books. This illustration is based on a tutorial in Staci Swider’s Acrylic Expressions book.

Fun book with great ideas! Acrylic paint and an old book page. Only FIVE pages to go!

Art Expectations 340 Bad Scene


Hammer in da House by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 340 Page 364}  Orlick swings the candle so close to Pip’s face that he almost catches on fire! He still has Pip tied to the ladder in the sluice-house in the marshes. Pip is already badly burnt on his arms from the fire at Satis House. Orlick tells Pip that he knows about the fire and about Magwitch, aka Provis. His companions (Orlick has friends?!) will make sure Provis won’t live wherever he goes. He also mentions the name Compeyson. Uh oh, he’s hooked up with that scoundrel. As Pip hears Orlick speak of these things, he knows Orlick wouldn’t have told him all this if he planned on letting Pip live. Orlick drinks the very last drop of liquor, swears, then angrily gets up wielding a stone hammer. Pip decides to give one last attempt at screaming for help. He still has not begged Orlick for his life. He kicks his legs trying to make as much noise as possible. Will someone hear?

Here’s a fun little neon acrylic painting of the sluice-house. I made a light-hearted version, since surely it a dark and grim night for Pip.

Art Expectations 292 Being Watched


292 GreatExp eye 150

In very vague terms, Wemmick explains that he heard that a certain uncolonial person with property had made a scene in a place where lots of people go, not for their gratification, possibly at the government’s expense. (So, uncolonial = non-American? Portable property = has money. A non-pleasurable place paid for by the government = prison or the courts?) This man has disappeared and not been seen or heard from since. That was about two nights ago, I believe. Wemmick also heard that Pip has been watched at his home in the Temple. Wemmick then proceeds to give the Aged his breakfast while Pip mulls over this information. Being watched, by who?

I did a painting of a very large eye from a sea creature. Pip does live by the river! But I am guessing he is being watched by someone looking for Magwitch, possibly being paid by Jaggers himself.

Art Expectations 289 & 290 Sleepless


289 & 90 GreatExp 150

I first created the flat limited-color landscape of Pip walking all the way back to London for page 310. But it was lacking something. So I added in the many-eyed Argos monster mentioned on page 311. And wha-la! That was it. So here you go, two pages in one piece of work.

{Day 289 Page 310} After finding out about Estella’s impending marriage to Drummle, Pip walks all the way back to London! It must not be too far because he arrives just after midnight. He’s weary and muddy. The night watchman at the gate to his flat stops him, handing him a note. Pip is informed that he must read it right then and there. It’s from Wemmick and states, “Don’t go home.” Scary! (Chapter 45) He immediately leaves, rents a hackney chariot and heads to a hotel in Covent Garden. He is checked into a tiny room at the back, which contains an enormous bed, almost protruding into the hallway. There’s a sorry excuse for a night-light: a candle placed in a tall tin tower with holes punched in it. It makes a “staringly wide-awake pattern” on the walls. I take it Pip does not get much sleep this night!

{Day 290 Page 311} It’s true, Pip doesn’t sleep much. “I could no more close my own eyes than I could close the eyes of this foolish Argus.” (the Greek mythological creature with many eyes) He imagines hearing noises all night and bugs falling on him. He drifts off to a fitful sleep with the phrase “don’t go home” playing over and over in his head. His mind drifts between his unhappy parting with Estella earlier in the day and why he can’t go home. That has something to do with Magwitch most likely. “Do not thou go home, let him not go home, let us not go home, do not ye or you go home… I might not, could not, would not and should not go home.” Poor Pip.

Art Expectations 235 Toast & Tea



[Day 234, Page 252]

Back inside Wemmick’s castle, Pip finds Miss Skiffins preparing a jorum (a giant container for holding beverages) of tea and the Aged buttering a tall haystack of toast. As they dine, the wooden flaps (one also with Miss Skiffins’ name on it) spasmodically flap open and shut on their own. (Something’s not working quite right!) This makes Pip nervous at first but he gets used to it and becomes very comfortable there. After stuffing themselves with the tea and toast they all feel “warm and greasy”. They settle in while the Aged prepares to read the paper aloud to them.

This is an acrylic painting on a chapter book cover. I will be working on my taxes (ugh) for the next few weeks so you may not hear from me much! Wish me luck!

Art Expectations Day 195

Sun & Moon Spinning

Sun & Moon Spinning

{five more posts until 200!}
[Page 212]  Herbert Pocket asks Pip if Estella feels the same adoration toward him? Pip shakes his head gloomily. Nope.

Pip opens up more to Herbert, telling of his uncertainty and confusion about the future. Who is his benefactor? What will become of him (not being allowed to obtain any skills or education)?  Will Estella ever love him? He is solely dependent on Jaggers and the benefactor. His future lies in their hands. He is “exposed to hundreds of chances”. And Miss Havisham is molding him like putty! (assuming she is the benefactor) Poor Pip (again). But these are typical thoughts of teenagers. However, Pip did come into a lot of money, from someone who has control over him, so he has that added challenge.

As I was thinking about what to draw for this page, I was listening to The Avett Brothers. The lines below from the song “The Once and Future Carpenter” made me think about what Pip is going through:

“Once I was a carpenter (blacksmith), and man, my hands were calloused
I could swing a metal mallet sure and straight
But I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry
And I left the timber (ashes) where they lay”
“And when I lose my direction, I’ll look up to the sky”
“Hopes and fears go with it, and the moon and the sun go spinning”
Beautiful words… check out The Avett Brothers if you haven’t. My friend Sumaya recommended them to me last year. Thank you Sumaya!

Art Expectations Day 107


107 GreatExp Brag & Holdfast Dogs150“Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is a better.” This is advice given from Jaggers to Joe: speak now if he has any objections on Pip’s being taken away to become a gentleman or hold his tongue forever. This is a pivotal page in the book! (finally) Jaggers says that Pip “has Great Expectations.” A private benefactor has offered to pay for Pip’s becoming a gentleman. The conditions: Pip can never ask or speculate on WHO this benefactor is and Pip must keep his name, Pip.

I decided to paint two dogs, named Brag and Holdfast on river stones. Brag is, of course, flapping his yapper. These were so much fun to do! I love river stones, smooth rocks. I used acrylic paint, then photographed them on top of the spread that I had just read, pages 116-117. I’m so excited to finally see what happens to Pip. I feel sorry for Joe. He’ll be on his own now. Well, except for Orlick, who I think might be evil.

Art Expectations Day 84

Day of the Dead Pip

Pip sees the beautiful Estella in the countryside around the marshes

Day 84 Page 93 of Great Expectations

Pip teaches Joe everything he learns from Biddy, Mr Wopsle and Mr Wopsle’s great-aunt. Not because he is truly concerned about Joe’s education, but because he is ashamed of Joe’s commonness. He doesn’t want Joe to appear ignorant in the eyes of Estella and Miss Havisham. So Pip schools Joe down at the battery in the marshes by the river. (Not sure why he doesn’t do it at home. It could be because Mrs Joe would not like Joe becoming smarter than herself!) It’s nice here, though, on the river in the marshes. Pip sees Estella and Miss H in everything beautiful that he looks upon here… the green lush marshes, blue calm river and the sails on the water. Peaceful, beautiful and quiet. He wonders, aloud, if he should pay a visit to Miss H and Estella.

Below also is a little something I did recently for my father’s birthday. It’s a collage containing some old Sears Roebuck catalog paper, ransom-like letters cut out of magazines and an old pickup truck that I painted in black acrylic and colored in Photoshop. I love that front tire!

old ford