Art Expectations 378 Pig Headed Pip


Pig Headed Pip by Julie Flandorfer

{Day 378 Page 404}  Mr Pumblechook steps back from Pip and the teapot. Talking to the waiter and landlord of the Blue Boar, but so Pip can hear, he says that Pip is the very same person that he played with in happy infancy. He attended the wedding of Pip’s sister and Joe. He watched as they raised him. He’s shaming Pip for having forgotten where he came from, his background. He goes on to claim having been Pip’s FIRST benefactor. But, yet he’s never received any thanks or monetary appreciation from Pip. Pip never shared any of his Great Expectations with Mr P. (Or for that matter, with Joe either.) Pip disagrees that Mr P was ever a benefactor of his. Mr P was the one who put Pip together with Miss Havisham. But, remember that she was not the true benefactor of Pip. The money never came from her. It came instead from Magwitch, the prisoner whom Pip helped out, in secret, as a child. Even though the monetary Great Expectations did not come from Miss H, Pip did benefit from having known her. After all, that’s how he met Estella, the love of his life. Mr P calls Pip ungrateful and pig-headed. It’s true that Pip should have kept in touch with his “roots” and helped his family out in some way. If not with money, then with visiting them from time to time.

Art Expectations 338 Last Drop


Every Last Drop

Even as Pip knows he’s a goner, he will not beg Orlick for his life. He still detests this man. He’d kill him now even if it meant dying himself. He notices that Orlick is a wee bit tipsy, often taking swigs from a bottle hung around his neck. Orlick tells Pip he is the one who attacked Pip’s sister, which led to her death later. No one had ever been blamed or tried for this. But Pip always suspected Orlick to be the one who did it. Orlick tells Pip it’s all Pip’s fault though, the reason he attacked Mrs Joe. Pip was the preferred, privileged one. And Orlick was the bullied and beat one. Orlick drinks more from the bottle. “I knew that every drop it held, was a drop of my life” Pip thought. He sees himself drifting off in the vapors of the lonely marsh.

Here is a quick little sketch using alcohol inks on glossy paper.

Art Expectations 267 Frankenpip


267 GreatExp Frankenpip150

Pip is mystified by Magwitch. And still afraid of him. He does not know the extent of Magwitch’s crime(s). He knows not what crime he has committed! Why doesn’t he just ask? Maybe he is afraid it’ll be murder! He fantasizes about dressing in his poorest clothes and running away during the night to join the army. He would leave everything behind. He feels like the monster Frankenstein made. But he is the gentleman Magwitch made. He’s now stuck, owing everything, his life as he’s known it, to this criminal on the run from the law. He becomes more repulsed by him as Magwitch adores and admires him more. After about five days (seeming like an eternity to Pip) of hiding out in the apartment, Herbert arrives back home from his business trip.

I know the whole mixed-media, paper-crafting world has been playing around with Alcohol Inks and I’m just now trying them. I purchased some last week and have been playing around a teeny bit. They are fun, but don’t quite have the hang of them yet. This is alcohol ink on glossy card stock. More experimenting to do….!