Art Expectations 380 Wedding Day


Art Journal Great Expectations by Julie Flandorfer

Pip continues his walk toward his childhood home to see Joe and reconnect (romantically) with Biddy. He expects to hear Joe’s hammer clinking and clanking in his shop, but hears nothing. There are sweet green lime trees and chestnut trees with leaves rustling in the breeze. But no hammer sounds. As he approaches he sees that the forge is all shut up. That’s unusual. Biddy and Joe spot Pip approaching and run to greet him. They weep and embrace. Pip has not been back in a very long time. Biddy looks fresh and pleasant. She says, “It’s my wedding day” and “I am married to Joe!” What?! (I guess I did see that coming. But Pip did not.) He must have fainted because he woke up with his head on the table in the house. They are both overjoyed to see him. So delighted and proud. His coming on this very day, their wedding day, was a grand surprise. Back in London when Joe was nursing him back to health, Pip had almost told Joe about his plans with Biddy. Thank goodness he had not! That would have been very awkward for them all.

I’ve been working more on art journaling. So here is an entry in one of my on-going books. This illustration is based on a tutorial in Staci Swider’s Acrylic Expressions book.

Fun book with great ideas! Acrylic paint and an old book page. Only FIVE pages to go!

Art Expectations 379 Windy Donky


Windy Donkey & Lark

Pip describes Mr Pumblechook as a windy donkey. He can’t believe Mr P has the gall to speak to him this way! They argue some more about whether Mr P was a benefactor of Pip’s or not. Mr P leaves angrily, telling the Blue Boar staff that they are free to tell the whole town of Pip’s ungratefulness. As Pip heads home to see Joe and Biddy he passes by Mr P’s shop in town. Mr P and other townsfolk gathered around give Pip the stink-eye. He doesn’t care. Joe and Biddy will understand. He feels “a sense of increasing relief” as he draws nearer to them, leaving arrogance and untruthfulness behind him. (I think he’s referring to Mr P and not his own arrogance and lies.) It’s June, the sky is blue and larks soar over the green corn. Pip notices the beauty of the countryside. It’s been a long time since he’s walked this path. He passes Biddy’s schoolhouse hoping to see her there. But it’s all closed up. He continues his walk.

I’ve been doing some art journaling. Was having trouble getting into it. I’m not a writer! I don’t “journal”. But I’ve kept at it, working on three recycled (upcycled) old books at once. I keep telling myself that it’s just a sketchbook. I can write if I want to, but it’s not necessary. I am enjoying it. The pressure of doing something good on a big, blank, white (expensive) canvas is off! So it is freeing to work this way. I hope I can keep it up! This page is from one of those art journals. It’s on the inside cover of a discarded hard bound book. More to come!

Art Expectations 286 Puppet


My friend Deanna gave me this tiny, hand-made, accordion book recently. Love it! It’s blank so I can fill it up with my own images. Here is my first panel, from page 307 in the book:

286 GreatExp Puppet 150

deanna folding book

{Pip is still at Satis House in Miss Havisham’s room, confronting her about his expectations, the fortunes he received from Magwitch, not from her. Estella is there also. Let’s listen in….} Pip now turns his attention to Estella and declares his love for her. She finally looks up at him, her fingers still busy knitting. She just shakes her head slowly at him. (This isn’t going to end well for Pip!) He admits he knows not what the future holds for him. Miss H watches intently. She has toyed with Pip’s feelings long enough. Estella responds saying she has no feelings for him, nothing in her heart. She warned him, didn’t she?

I also want to show you my Sad Clown altered book. I’ll be giving this to the City of Richardson Texas to be included in a silent auction basket benefitting the United Way. The basket will highlight some of the makerspace programs the library offers and the brand new 3D printer they have. (I’ll share pics of my 3D printed objects soon. It’s so much fun!)

sad clown cropped 2

Art Expectations 275 Altered Heart


Heart Altered Book by Julie Flandorfer

Hello again! Continuing on my Great Expectation journey….

[Day 275, Page 295]  Compeyson’s situation was bleak at the time when he met Magwitch. While his current partner, Arthur, was sick, Compeyson was gambling away their ill-gained fortunes (obtained from swindling a rich, older woman). Compeyson’s wife, whom he abused, felt compassion for Arthur and helped care for him. Compeyson, however, “was a-having pity on nothing and nobody.” Arthur lives in the same house as Compeyson and his wife. (No mention of any children.) He seems to have gone mad, haunted by a woman’s ghost. This ghost has a broken heart. What?! Can this be Miss Havisham? Was Compeyson the finance who left her at the altar? It’s all coming together!

I started this altered book a few days ago. (Been very busy with family in town for Thanksgiving and now Christmas is upon us!) It’s not finished just yet. I guess my plans of finishing the book by end of 2014 were not meant to be! I hope to post again soon… until then, Happy Holidays to you all!

Memento Mori Altered Book


Victorian Death portrait web

Vict Death Book standing web

Victorian Death portrait inside web

I want to share with you another altered book I created in the last two weeks. I started it during the middle of October so Halloween and the Day of the Dead holidays were both on my mind. Some coworkers were talking about this topic, that during the Victorian days, people took unusual, somewhat creepy photos of their newly deceased, often children, posing them as if still alive. Stacey explained to me that since the childhood mortality rate was so much higher back then, people were not as shocked by it (or creeped out). To have a portrait commissioned by a photographer was a rare, expensive thing to do. So often this was the one and only picture ever taken of their child who has passed away. It’s a fascinating topic but also very sad. Have to admit I was a little emotional looking at all the children who passed away way before they should have. Something to think about for sure. Hope you like my work!

Art Expectations 270 Pip Cut Off


270 GreatExp Pip Cut Off 150

[day 270 page 290]  Safely back home, Pip asks Herbert that very important question, “What to do with Magwitch?” He can’t possibly take another dime (or whatever currency in England at the time) from him. He’ll cut himself off from Magwitch. So here he is now, no skills, possibly broke, in debt to Magwitch, no education. No more great expectations! He starts to sob quietly and Herbert pretends not to notice. Maybe he should enlist as a soldier? Herbert says that doesn’t suit him. Besides, Herbert says, he’s working up to a partnership in his newly formed business. Oops. Little does he know that the money for his business has been coming from Pip FROM Magwitch!

A little gruesome? Yes, but it’s almost Halloween here in the States. I’ll be putting up my spooky decorations this afternoon!

Art Expectations 263&4 Bible Scale


263&4 GrestExp150

[Day 263, Page 283] Pip needs to find Magwitch (also known as the Convict and Provis, Pip’s “uncle”) an apartment close to his. Herbert arrives back in London in a few days so he had better act quick. Magwitch doesn’t want Pip to tell Herbert the truth about him. But agrees as long as Herbert swears secrecy on his ratty old bible. Next order of business, Magwitch’s disguise. He is currently wearing a ready-made sailor’s suit. (I’m sure Pip only wears custom-made clothing!) Magwitch is set on wearing shorts (knickers) and trying to come off as a dean or dentist. Pip talks him into dressing down a bit as a prosperous farmer. AND he must stay hidden from the maid until the transformation has taken place.

[Day 264, Page 284] Pip obtains the apartment for Magwitch. It’s so close to his and Herbert’s place at the Temple that he can almost call to him from his window! He then goes shopping for the new clothing that will disguise him.  (Magwitch stays back at his place for now.) Lastly, Pip stops in to confront Jaggers. Uh oh! Jaggers must have been expecting an angry Pip because he jumps up from his desk and says, “Now Pip, be careful.” Pip just wants to confirm the truth, still not wanting to believe that his money has not come from Miss Havisham all this time. Jaggers, knowing that Magwitch is back in town AND that he is a convict still “on the run”, tells Pip he wants to know nothing. In a sneaky way, he warns Pip not to disclose Magwitch’s location or that he’s actually talked to him in person. Jaggers keeps implying that Magwitch is in South Wales, not there in London. He knows he’s in London and at Pip’s place!

Two in one again! I did two more pages on the small altered board book. I’m moving slowly these days on this never-ending project. I’m thinking I need some new art supplies to try out. I’ve never tried pan pastels so maybe that’s next on my shopping list. Have a great day… until next time!

Art Expectations 260 Magwitch


260 GreatExp magwitch

The convict discloses his real name: Magwitch. Pip, having heard from the night watchman that another person had come in with Magwitch, asks him if this is so. Magwitch claims no one was with him, but maybe he did see someone else there. The topic is dropped. (WHO was that person on the stairs that Pip tripped over?!)

Pip finds out that Jaggers was Magwitch’s lawyer for his last trial in London before he up and skipped out of town to America. “…and what I done is worked out and paid for.” So he owes Jaggers nothing.

Art Expectations 233 Garden Guilt



[Day 233, Page 251]

Pip gets Wemmick alone out in the garden. Now is his chance to ask Wemmick’s opinion, again, about giving money to Herbert Pocket to help him out in his business pursuits and with his debt. Pip feels guilty because perhaps he’s helped Herbert gain that debt. He also possibly stole Miss Havisham’s great expectations away from Herbert. AND he still feels guilty about winning the fight against Herbert in her garden so long ago. Wemmick says he’ll think about it. He’ll ask Miss Skiffins’ brother, an accountant, for his advice and help. Pip states that Herbert must never know where the money comes from. (Just like him!)

Art Expectations 213 Torn Heart



As they continue in the coach toward Richmond, Estella tells Pip that he is to come visit her. She’s to keep Miss Havisham informed of all her activities. Apparently she has most of Miss H’s jewels in her possession! They arrive at the stately old house and Pip leaves Estella there. He is not invited in. As he is leaving, he wishes he could live happily there forever with her. But in his heart he knows this will never happen (the “being happy with her” part). His vision of “happy” with her is always better than when he is actually with her.

What’s with that weird shape? It’s another spread in a tiny recycled board book for children. I remember this was a monkey counting book that I read to my children. It was not really a favorite of mine or theirs (poorly illustrated), so I had no problems with recycling it!