Day 80, Art Expectations


Day 80, although I am actually on page 89 (due to some pages with illustrations; also combined a few pages):

Pip and his family, including Mr Pumblechook, celebrate the 25 guineas from Miss Havisham, by heading out to the Blue Boar for a meal, a rare treat for sure. But before they go, Mr P insists on taking Pip to the Justices in the Town Hall to be officially apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith. As they enter the busy building, the townsfolk gathered there assume that Pip has done something wrong and is there to be punished. (Or at least this is what is going on in Pip’s little mind.)

Pip is officially apprenticed to Joe and everyone is in good spirits as they head out to the Blue Boar. (I was pretty sure Mrs Joe did NOT want Pip to be a blacksmith. I think her mood has been altered temporarily by the money!)

I created a drawing/painting using my water soluble crayons (Neocolor II). I really like using them! I first built up layers alternating color with Gesso. The quote “To be read in my cell” is on a pamphlet Pip is handed as he walks in the Town Hall. Maybe they do think he is going to jail!