Art Expectations 211 Puppets on a Stage



Estella tells Pip that all the evil, jealous thoughts and remarks about him cannot change Miss Havisham’s plans for him. Does Miss H truly love him? Or is she not willing to ever stray from her plans for him? Pip kisses Estella’s cheek. She becomes all at once back-to-business and this hurts his feelings. Tea is ordered and the waiter brings all kinds of things (forks, spoons, salt-cellar, muffin, several breads). Lastly, he brings the tea. Pip steeps the strange twigs in hot water to produce one cup of “something” for Estella to drink.

A quick sketch using colored InkJoy pens, Inktense colored pencils and NeoColor II crayons. I’ve been VERY tempted lately to treat myself to some new art supplies: Holbein acrylic gouache paints, clear linoleum carving blocks, acrylic spray paint and refills for my 25-year-old Rotring Art pen. These items are even sitting in my Cart at Dick! Hello. My name is Julie and I am addicted to art supplies. I need a 12-step program for this!

Art Expectations 210 Full House



Estella tells Pip that the rest of the Pockets (mostly the green with envy Sarah Pocket) write and say bad things about him to Miss Havisham. “You can scarcely realise to yourself the hatred these people have for you.” Pip is the “torment and occupation of their lives”. Yikes! She hints at the childhood she had, growing up in that family and with the bad-excuse-for-a-mother Miss H.

That’s it for today! Short and sweet. This is another quickie piece I created while sitting in my car, at night, in the cold, in the dark, waiting for my daughter’s dance class to end. Have a good day!

Art Expectations 204 Anticipation



I created this piece while waiting in my car in the dark, and it was pretty cold outside and inside the car. I could barely see what I was doing. Thank goodness I had these glow-in-the-dark paint pens with me!

[Pg 222] Pip is so excited and nervous awaiting the arrival of Estella, that he stalks the station in London way before her coach has even left the Blue Boar back home! While pacing outside the London station he runs into Wemmick. (He’s the clerk for Jaggers and treated Pip to an unusual meal at his homemade castle.) Wemmick discusses a bit of work (a legal case) with Pip and asks if Pip would like to accompany him to Newgate Prison. “Have you time to spare?” Does Pip have time to spare?! Yes, indeed! Plus he needs the distraction until Estella arrives.

I decided to see what I could find out about Newgate Prison. Here is a link with some helpful, interesting information and a picture of the prison as it would have appeared at the time Pip was living in London:

Newgate Prison was demolished in 1904. Thanks for the information!

Art Expectations Day 201



It’s the start of a New Year and a new goal of four posts a week! Happy 2014!

[Day 201 Page 218] Pip and Herbert try not to laugh at Wopsle’s performance but give up, laughing from ear to ear. More belly laughs. Great way to start the year! When the play ends, they decide to sneak out as quick as they can to avoid Wopsle. However, they are unsuccessful and are taken to his tiny dressing room by the man who proudly “dressed” Wopsle. (The costume designer, I presume.) Wopsle is changing out of his cloak and large Danish star worn around his neck on a blue ribbon.

Art Expectations DAY 200!



Finally! [page 217]  The audience joins in the fun of the play. (Is it supposed to be a comedy or a drama?!) When an actor asks a question, members of the audience yell out funny answers. Mr Wopsle himself gets many laughs. He wipes his hands on a white napkin from his pocket after handling a skull. At this, the audience yells, “WAITER!” When one actor is about to play a little black flute, someone yells out “…don’t you do it neither; you’re a deal more worse than him” pointing at the orchestra! At least everyone is having a grand old time.

I hope that 2014 brings many belly-laughs for us all! I plan to do about FOUR posts a week in 2014. If I do, that would put me at about the end of the book by this time next year. HAHAHAHAHA! We’ll see if I can do it!

Art Expectations Day 197



Herbert tells Pip to think of how Estella was raised and by whom (the bitter, jilted Miss Havisham). “Think of what she is herself” says Herbert. Pip says he cannot detach himself from her. “Impossible!”

Herbert then shifts the conversation, asking Pip if he thinks children of unhappily married parents “are always most particulary anxious to be married.” He lists off all of his Pocket siblings as already being engaged – all except the baby, of course!

Happy Holidays to all! It’s Christmas Eve here in the States and my two kids are in their rooms making little gifts for each other. How sweet!

Art Expectations Day 195

Sun & Moon Spinning

Sun & Moon Spinning

{five more posts until 200!}
[Page 212]  Herbert Pocket asks Pip if Estella feels the same adoration toward him? Pip shakes his head gloomily. Nope.

Pip opens up more to Herbert, telling of his uncertainty and confusion about the future. Who is his benefactor? What will become of him (not being allowed to obtain any skills or education)?  Will Estella ever love him? He is solely dependent on Jaggers and the benefactor. His future lies in their hands. He is “exposed to hundreds of chances”. And Miss Havisham is molding him like putty! (assuming she is the benefactor) Poor Pip (again). But these are typical thoughts of teenagers. However, Pip did come into a lot of money, from someone who has control over him, so he has that added challenge.

As I was thinking about what to draw for this page, I was listening to The Avett Brothers. The lines below from the song “The Once and Future Carpenter” made me think about what Pip is going through:

“Once I was a carpenter (blacksmith), and man, my hands were calloused
I could swing a metal mallet sure and straight
But I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry
And I left the timber (ashes) where they lay”
“And when I lose my direction, I’ll look up to the sky”
“Hopes and fears go with it, and the moon and the sun go spinning”
Beautiful words… check out The Avett Brothers if you haven’t. My friend Sumaya recommended them to me last year. Thank you Sumaya!

Art Expectations Day 194


194 GreatExp oysters150Another quick sketch:  ball-point pen on notebook paper, scanned and enhanced in Photoshop. I love to draw! Guess that’s obvious…

When Pip first arrives back in London, he feels guilty for not visiting Joe when he was back home. (He only visited Miss Havisham and Estella.) So he sends a codfish and a barrel of oysters home to make up for that.
He wishes to confide in Herbert back at Barnard’s Inn. Wanting some privacy he sends his servant (the Avenger) off to see a play. He again admits he has little for the Avenger to do and sometimes sends him to Hyde Park Corner just to see what time it is! Very serious-like, Pip tells Herbert that he is in love with Estella. Herbert replies, “Of course I know that.”

Art Expectations Day 193


193 GreatExp backtoLondon150

Winding down 2013 and only seven more posts! Here’s a quick drawing done while sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, waiting for my daughter, as usual, driving around and waiting. (I’m a taxi driver lately!)

Page 210:   Pip decides to ignore Trabb’s boy (the tailor’s helper) as he approaches him on his walk about his hometown. BIG mistake! Trabb’s boy will have none of that. He makes a huge spectacle of himself three times in front of Pip and all the lookers-on! He flops about in the dirt, over-exaggerating his fear of Pip. Strutting about, pulling up his shirt-collar, smirking, and saying, “Don’t know yah! Don’t know yah!” He basically chases Pip out of town, back up the road toward London. Pip decides that nothing he could have done would have changed the situation. Oh, no Pip. You could have not acted so high and mighty! Maybe Pip IS better off in London where he blends in more, lost in the crowd… where no one knows his name (or sooty background).


Art Expectations Days 191 & 192


191 & 192 GreatExp150

TWO days in one! I have accepted the fact that I may not make it to Day 200 by December 31. However, I am still trying! (These last few posts may have to be mostly sketches.)
[pg.207]   After dinner, Sarah Pocket disappears and Pip and Jaggers meet back up with Estella and Miss Havisham. Miss H has added the most beautiful jewels to Estella’s hair, bosom and arms. Pip notices that Jaggers raises his eyebrows when he sees Estella like this. Pip is having trouble dealing with his warm feelings about Estella vs. Jaggers’s cold feelings about her. Back at the Blue Boar Inn, Pip lies in bed in the room next to Jaggers, repeating to himself, “I love her! I love her! I love her!” Will she ever feel the same way about him?

[pg.208]   Pip tells Jaggers that Orlick is not to be trusted and is the wrong person for the job guarding Miss H and her property. Jaggers states that he’ll promptly have Orlick fired! (Uh oh… watch your back Pip!)  In the morning, before heading back to London, Pip goes out for a walk around his old town. (He still hasn’t even told his family that he is there.) He knows he is being recognized and stared at by the townsfolk. He continues walking on as if he doesn’t recognize them. He runs into Trabb’s boy (the tailor’s shop-worker). He’s going over in his head how to react as he approaches him… to ignore or acknowledge… hmmmm….