Art Expectations Day 199!



See my art above. Is it a masterpiece? NO! Is it the best work I’ve ever done? NO! Did I do it in less than 30 minutes? YES! AND it pertains to Page 216 of Great Expectations. Let me explain…

Herbert and Pip hurriedly put out the candles, the fire, shake hands on their mutual confidences (just discussed: Pip’s love of Estella and Herbert’s engagement to Clara) and they head out to the theatre to see Wopsle perform.

Chapter 31 starts with some confusing language from Dickens. But here is what I gather:
– the play has something to do with Danish nobiiity
– Wopsle’s character stands off to the side of the stage with his arms folded
– one actor has a bad cough, even while dead
– another actor has the script hanging around his body and refers to it regularly
– the buxom Queen’s character wears a lot of brass  
So, not exactly a perfect performance. Wopsle is not perfect and often my art is not perfect. I created the piece above using some irregular Jelly Belly jelly beans sent to my family by my sister-in-law Leslie. (Thanks Leslie!) These jelly beans, called Belly Flops (hilarious), taste as good as the normal pefect ones, but didn’t make the cut. I love them! So yummy… and who cares what they look like?!