Art Expectations Day 87


ay 87
Pip asks Joe for a half-holiday (half day off). He plans to go up-town to visit Estella and Miss Havisham. Orlick, the journeyman (blacksmithing assistant), also asks for a half-holiday, saying that Joe should not choose favorites. (He feels threatened by Pip if you ask me.) Orlick loses his temper, scaring Pip by pretending to stab Pip with a red-hot bar right out of the furnace. Joe tells him to “cool down” before he’ll give them his answer about the holiday.

Joe’s decision? A half-holiday for everyone! (Mrs Joe overhears and is not happy!)

For this piece, I cut out a page of an old board book for children. I coated it with white acrylic to start with, but left some of the original book showing. (It’s a circus scene.) I painted half of the word “holiday” right under a flap. Then added a very quickly drawn Estella, complete with red eyes. Painted Miss Havisham’s house on the outside of the flap, an anvil on the inside with the word “Bye!” (Pip might be saying good-bye to his blacksmithing days… trading them in for days up-town with more refined folk. Can’t wait to see what happens when Pip shows up at Miss H’s house!

Art Expectations 82


Pip now sees his former life as coarse and common. (Partly because Estella called him this.) He no longer sees the forge “as the glowing road to manhood and independence.” But sees it as weighing him down and holding him back from the finer things in life, of which he got a taste of at Miss Havisham’s. He never mentions this to Joe, but continues on with his blacksmithing apprenticeship. A heavy, blank curtain has dropped upon his life as he looks toward his future as a blacksmith. This is a dark time for Pip. So bleak!

I took a piece of unwanted junk mail, gessoed it and then drew and collaged on top. I really like the Dr. Suess quote at the top. I won a contest on Carla Sonheim’s blog for a $25 gift certificate to Joggles With it I purchased some Derwent Inktense colored pencils. They are really great! I just recently started using my watercolor pencils, even though I have had a nice set of Derwent ones for more than 20 years. These Inktense ones are… well, more intense, of course. It’s so much fun to play around with new tools!

Great Expectations Day 25!


Hello, sorry I missed yesterday. I was off learning how to cook an entire meal outdoors, on a fire, in the rain! (Girl Scout training) It was fun but exhausting. Here I am back today… yeah!

The soldiers are still in Joe’s blacksmith shop. He’s busy hammering and clinking with the soldiers busy drinking up all the wine! Mr Pumblechook is offering it up freely. Even Pip gets a taste of wine in all the celebrating. (It is still Christmas Day plus there is much excitement with having the soldiers in the house.) Pip, noticing the murky shadows dancing menacingly on the walls caused by the flames, starts to feel sorry for the convicts.

When Joe is done with fixing the handcuffs, he, Pip and Mr Wopsle decide to tag along with the soldiers to see all the excitement of the capture (or killing?) of the convicts in the marsh.

This is a quick pastel sketch. I tried to convey the idea of dancing shadows produced from a fire. Hope I succeeded!