Altered Book Workshop Exito!

folded altered book

My latest book creation

My Altered Book Workshop was on September 22 and was a success (exito)! This workshop was a brief (2.5 hours), hands-on intro into the world of Altered Books, covering many techniques. Hopefully particiants took the new skills they obtained home and continued creating on their altered book projects.

Here is the library’s site where I had the workshop:

It’s a great library! Maybe the one in your town is too. If you don’t know, go check it out! Now… or tomorrow… but soon.

teaching altered book workshop

Work in Progress (the book and me!)

Participants busy working:

Their works in progress:


Look at all these materials! Each participant received 2 chapter books and 1 board book to alter. Then on each workstation the following items were placed for their use during the workshop: stamps and ink pads, glue sticks, scissors, bowl of water for transfers, packing tape to share, drawing utensils (colored pencils, markers, pens, pencils), old dictionary pages, other paper ephemera (collage papers), various envelopes, fabric, wax paper and paper napkins – to dab up any little messes! On another table in the back: plenty more paper pieces to choose from (some cool old maps), more drawing utensils including pastels, embellishments (ribbons, buttons, sequins) and stronger glues.

It seemed like everyone had a good time and hopefully learned a few things. Plus got their creativity stirred up a bit! 

Fun stuff to play with



Great Expectations Day 28


The two convicts (Pip’s convict and the “other” convict) have been pulled out of the ditch by the soldiers. They argue back and forth. Pip’s convict claims to have captured the “other” one for the soldiers. The “other” convict claims that Pip’s convict tried to murder him. This goes back and forth.

I’ve had this idea in mind for a few weeks now, since I started this project. Using white cutouts against a white background and letting the shadows create the art. I like the strings and the holes made. On the background is a scratchy pencil line and some large silver nails. I thought these added to the effect. Hope you like it! (My son, the one reading Great Expectations for school, helped hold up the letters while I took the photo.)