Art Expectations 341 Rescue


Rescue in the Marsh

[Day 341 Page 365]  (Pip is in the sluice-house in the marshes being held captive by Orlick who is about to hammer on his head!) Pip screams one last time. He hears replies and then sees figures coming in the door. Orlick flies over the table and out into the night. Then, blackness. After some time has passed, he’s not sure how long, Pip wakes with his head on someone’s knee, staring up at the ladder that he’d been tied to. The knee belongs to his good friend Herbert! And Trabb’s boy is there as well. (This boy is the tailor’s helper in town.) Also there: Startop. Pip is dazed and thinks that he has been out for a long while. Herbert assures him that it is still Monday night. They re-bandage Pip’s burnt arms and head back to town. The moon is higher now and the night brighter as white vapor from the kiln passes them by.

I’ve been practicing with marbling paper, so as you can imagine, I have lots of marbled pieces around. I decided to use one as the background for this day’s artwork. The blue, white and black swirls remind me of the vapor rising from the heat of the kiln near the sluice-house. I then used paint pens, collage paper from the book text and more paint on top. Thanks for looking!

Art Expectations Day 330 Good Deed


Great Expectations collage bu Julie Flandorfer

Chapter 52 begins…
[Day 330 Page 353}
Pip takes the check from Jaggers (money from Miss Havisham) to settle the debt with Herbert’s business partner. (Remember, all along Pip thought that his money, his Great Expectations, was coming from Miss H. Including the money has was using to help Herbert in his business. But it was actually coming from the criminal that he helped out in the graveyard near his childhood home when he was a child. But this time, this check, is from her.) He goes to Herbert’s business partner, Clarriker, right away to settle the debt. Pip says to himself that this is the one and only good thing he’s done. He set Herbert up in his business, got him a respectable career with a promising future so that he could marry his love, Clara Barley. Pip’s a little sad now because he realizes he’ll soon lose Herbert along with having lost Estella.

After a short time, he receives the long-awaited letter from  Wemmick implying that it’s finally time to get Provis out of London and perhaps, England. Pip’s arms and hands are still too injured from the fire at Miss H’s to do any rowing. He and Herbert decide to ask their friend Startop to help with this task. They’ll be very careful how much they reveal to him.

Finally, they’ll move Provis out of Clara’s home! Here is the last of the three panels I did. They are all on hardboard, 6×6 inches. I used collage (old dictionary pages and bits of doodles) along with acrylic paint.

Art Expectations Day 328 Hush


Collage by Julie Flandorfer

Back to the story…
[Day 328, Page 352]
After Molly’s ordeal (killing her lover’s wife, being tried for murder and losing her daughter), she was afraid to go out into the world. So Jaggers took her in and kept her in line (his words). He employed her as a maid. Jaggers tells Pip that Estella only married Drummle for money, not love. Pip, Jaggers and Wemmick have just been discussing what Pip figured out. That Molly and Provis (Magwitch) are Estella’s true parents. Provis does not know that Estella and Molly are both still alive. Jaggers asks Pip what good it would do to let this news out. It would only disgrace Estella in the eyes of her new husband and his family. It would hurt her. He tells Pip he should cut off both his badly burned hands before spilling the  beans on this secret. Wemmick, Jaggers and Pip all silently touch their fingers to their lips. Mums the word!

Art Expectations 316 Ice Cold


Ice Cold Heart

Detail of Ice Cold Heart

{Day 316 Page 338}  “What have I done!” cries Miss Havisham over and over. By shutting out the light she has shut out much more. She’s lost Estella and secluded herself. Pip says not to worry about him but to try to undo what she has done to Estella. She made Estella into a cold woman full of resentment, and at a very young age. She has a heart full of ice! Miss H admits to Pip that when she first started out she meant no harm. She simply meant to save Estella from heartbreak, from the same pain she had felt. Over time though, once she saw how beautiful Estella was, she adorned her with praise and jewels. She turned her into a tool for getting revenge for the injustices committed against her. (Being tricked into marriage, getting jilted at the altar, then being robbed by the very fiancé.)

Above is a mixed media piece I created using acrylic paint and pieces of old paper. I added some metal:  small copper rings and an old key register key button. I glued on a 3D printed little “iceberg” above Estella’s heart. I’ve had fun creating things on the 3D printer at the Richardson Public Library !

Art Expectations 291 What’s Home?


291 GreatExp Home? 150

[Day 291 Page 312]  Pip leaves the miserable hotel room at 7 am and heads straight for Wemmick’s Walworth home, the handmade castle. (Wemmick wrote the note warning Pip to not go home the night before. This is the morning after Pip found out Estella plans to marry Drummle.) He has to find out what Wemmick meant by that note! He arrives just as Wemmick is making breakfast (tea, sausage and toast) for the Aged, his father. He asks Pip to join in and help by cooking the sausage, which he proceeds to burn. Wemmick then starts to tell Pip what he knows. He left similar notes at the other Temple gates and will go gather them up and destroy them later that day. They are “evidence”. He tells Pip he accidentally overheard something yesterday morning. What???

Art Expectations 285 Green


285 GreatExp Green 150

[Day 285, Page 306]  As I read this page I thought about the jealousy of Miss H’s relatives for Pip and the greed they all had for her money. Jealousy : Greed: Money. I started out wanting to do an abstract painting in greens. But this ended up more of a collage. That always happens to me! It’s a very quick “sketch” collage. The story continues…

Pip continues confronting Miss Havisham in her house as Estella knits, listening in. He talks about the three women (Sarah Pocket, Georgiana and Camilla) who were jealous of him. He believes they also thought Miss H was giving her fortunes to him, a stranger, this young man, a non-relative. He was taking the money that was rightfully theirs. He also tells of his friendship with another of her relatives, Herbert Pocket. He asks Miss H if she can continue funding Herbert in secret as he will no longer be able to. (I think he plans to stop taking the money from Magwitch and try to make it on his own. That should be interesting, as he has no skills and no education. Although he does have some blacksmithing skills learned from Joe. If he were even willing to go back to being in that profession!) Miss H doesn’t say yes or no, but “What else?”

Art Expectations 257-8 leaden keyhole


257 GreatExp keyholes150

258 GreatExp_match_disk150

[Page 277] As Pip sits by the fire, he begins to worry about his safety this dark, leaden night with the convict just in the other room. He decides to peek in on him and finds him sound asleep. He locks his door and falls to sleep finally in the living room chair. Dickens announces that “this is the end of the Second Stage of Pip’s Expectations.” Chapter 40 then begins the next morning with Pip deciding to tell everyone that the convict is his uncle from the country, in town for a visit.

[Page 278] In the morning Pip awakens very early (still dark out and in his apartment). He goes out to the Lodge to have the watchman come help him light his fire, since he is unable to find a light in the dark. On his way out, down the dark staircase, he trips over something… a body. (yikes!) Frightened, he runs the rest of the way to the Lodge. Back at the stairs with the watchman, the body/person is gone. Pip then learns from the watchman that his “uncle” (the convict) was not alone when he entered the gate last night. Apparently the other person spent the whole night out on the staircase outside Pip’s front door!

Two days in one post! I took a couple of week’s off while on vacation in the beautiful northern California town of Monterey and also spent a few days in San Francisco. love love love, great food, family and fun!

Art Expectations 255 Caged


Pip in a Cage

The convict implies that he “owns” Pip, a brought-up (by him) London gentleman. (Who is the prisoner now?) He puts his weathered hand on Pip’s shoulder. Pip is still stunned by the news and by having this bit of his past standing here in his fancy London flat. The convict asks for a place to sleep. Pip offers him Herbert Pocket’s room, since he’s still away on business. The convict says they must be very careful though. Why? It appears that he is still a wanted man here in London, since he had escaped from prison before heading to America. At least something is finally happening! Wonder what’s next?

Art Expectations Day 148


148 GreatExp Lords

Mr Pocket received a good education, but after marrying Mrs Pocket, he took a position as a tutor. (No title still!) As this did not pay well, he gave it up and tried several different careers before settling on doing literary compilation and correction. (writing and editing?)

Pip walks the widow next door, Mrs Coiler, to dinner that first night and gets an earful of gossip about the Pockets. She feels Mrs Pocket deserves her title. Pip also learns that Drummle, one of the tenants of the Pockets, is heir to a baronetcy. AND that the book Mrs Pocket was reading in the garden was all about titles. They are all obsessed with titles!

In the 1800s, the order of precedence for titles was as follows:
Duke (Most Noble)
Marquess/Marquis (Most Honorable)
Earl (Right Honorable)
Viscount (Right Honorable also)
Baron (ditto)
Baronet (Sir)

I had fun with this mixed media collage about titles in the 1800s!

Art Expectations Day 146


146 GreatExp orangewater150

Mrs Pocket asks Pip if he likes the taste of orange-flower water, a question completely out of the blue. Pip finds out that she was brought up without learning any skills of any kind, especially those pertaining to the common people. Being raised solely for the purpose of marrying a “title” (her father being a knight), she has no domestive knowledge. She’s completely useless!

I looked up orange-flower water and found that it is also known as orange-blossum water and is a clear distillation of bitter-orange blossums. It’s becoming more popular these days actually, which I find very interesting, since Dickens wrote this book so long ago! It is today being used to flavor foods such as Spanish King Cake, European madeleines, Mexican wedding cakes and Pan de Muerto and in the U.S. in scones and marshmallows. Yum, I’m getting hungry!

Enjoy my little orange-blossum painting and hope you have a great day!