Art Expectations Day 123


123 GreatExp fairy godmother

Miss Havisham is “taking exercise” walking around the moldy bride-cake on the long table. The room is as dark and dismal as before. Nothing has changed.

Pip tells her of his good fortune and that he is leaving for London tomorrow. He wishes to say good-bye to her. In a way, he’s just trying to thank her for the fortune, assuming she’s the one who gave it to him. She makes no acknowledgement that she is the benefactor. But she seems to know a lot about the the details of Pip’s fortune and future. Mainly that Pip has to always keep his name “Pip”.

He kneels, kisses her hand and has a vision of her as his fairy godmother. (More like evil stepmom!)

I did a collage with two kinds of wings, fairy wings and bird wings. Pip will be leaving soon for London, flying away from all he’s known!

Art Expectations


I have been neglecting my Pip lately! Sorry Mr Pip. But I have been very busy creating other things, so I thought I’d share those with you. Something overcomes me at this time of year. It’s not only the craziness of shopping for Christmas gifts, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. But I start wanting to make and bake… a LOT. I love the smell of baking cookies mingled with the slightly burnt waxy smell of a hot glue gun heating up. So exciting! The possibilbities.
I finished up three large paintings this week, non-Great Expectations related. (Maybe I just needed a break from Pip.)
Here they are: (Well, here are two of them. For some reason my SD card reader is not cooperating at the moment for me to get the third pic off.)
fox running 150

flower painting 2012 150

Art Expectations Day 104


Hiding from the LAW

Mr Wopsle tells the stranger in The Three Jolly Bargemen that he thinks the suspect in the murder case (that he’d just read out loud from the newspaper) is “Guilty.” The stranger argues with him, making the poor flustered Mr Wopsle look like a fool.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” says the stranger. They are all too eager, sitting in their comfy, cozy warm bar, to assume that any suspect HAS to be guilty.

I’ve created a collage – no paint today! I wanted the word LAW to be kind of kidden and not easily recognizable at first.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, here in the States. I will try to do at least one other post before Thursday, but it’s a busy week for me, so we’ll see!

Art Expectations Day 93


Nothing seems to be stolen from Pip’s home after the attack on Mrs Joe. The only thing unusual found was a convict’s leg-iron that seems to have been cut-off a while back (not recent). Pip believes his convict (the one he aided at the beginning of the story) is not responsible for this crime. In his opinion the attacker was either Orlick or the strange man at the Three Jolly Bargemen who showed him the file. Most likely not Orlick, as he was seen about town that evening on his half-holiday. Pip feels horrible as he ponders the fact that he may have helped provide the weapon used on his sister!

I created a collage using two of my favorite colors: yellow ochre and blue-gray. I glued on a bit of a photo of Poe’s grave site (just because I love this picture and it was handy when I reached out for something to use). Then I did a print of a tombstone I carved out of styrofoam, drew around that and added more yellow ochre acrylic paint. Still not sure if Mrs Joe is alive or dead!

Art Expectations Day 90!

Pip has Tea

Pip has Tea in Town

I’m back! Took a little vacation from my blog to do my Altered Book Workshop. (Not really a vacation, as such, but it was fun. I’ll post pictures soon!)

Pip leaves Miss Havisham’s feeling down as ever about his poor home life. While wandering about town, he runs into Mr Wopsle who invites him to tea with Pumblechook. During tea, the two men discuss a popular book at the time about a man who gets into lots of trouble and then is hanged (or is it hung?). Throughout the story, the two men glare at and refer to Pip as if HE is the bad man! I am sure they are just trying to warn him. But Pip is uncomfortable.

I did a pretty little painting/collage of a tea cup using a bit of old text for the “tea”. Next I painted on a noose and some swirls in PhotoShop as the cream in the tea.

I’ll be back soon! I am so ready for Fall, cooler weather, pumpkins, Halloween and caramel apples. And of course, THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS and corn dogs!

Art Expectations Day 85

Altered Book

Pip flies away

I really had fun creating this altered book piece! I worked on it for about 5 days, a little every day.  I trimmed out the pages to be the profile of a bird’s body. LOTS of cutting, and had to replace the knife blade once. I then did some drawing, painting and collage on the inside covers. Coated it all with matte gel medium. And… ta da… done!

Pip is still considering a visit to Miss Havisham’s. (He hasn’t seen her OR Estella in a year.) Joe seems to be talking him out of it. Or at least making sure Pip understands that she may think he is expecting something more from her. Joe suggests that Pip take a thank you gift, something that he himself has learned to make in his first year of training as a blacksmith. Joe suggests some horse shoes, a toasting-fork, screws or perhaps a gridiron. Pip does NOT want to make or take her a gift at all! He is like a little bird wanting to fly away.

Have you tried altering a book? If so, send me link to see what you’ve done!

Art Expectations 82


Pip now sees his former life as coarse and common. (Partly because Estella called him this.) He no longer sees the forge “as the glowing road to manhood and independence.” But sees it as weighing him down and holding him back from the finer things in life, of which he got a taste of at Miss Havisham’s. He never mentions this to Joe, but continues on with his blacksmithing apprenticeship. A heavy, blank curtain has dropped upon his life as he looks toward his future as a blacksmith. This is a dark time for Pip. So bleak!

I took a piece of unwanted junk mail, gessoed it and then drew and collaged on top. I really like the Dr. Suess quote at the top. I won a contest on Carla Sonheim’s blog for a $25 gift certificate to Joggles With it I purchased some Derwent Inktense colored pencils. They are really great! I just recently started using my watercolor pencils, even though I have had a nice set of Derwent ones for more than 20 years. These Inktense ones are… well, more intense, of course. It’s so much fun to play around with new tools!

Art Expectations Day 79


Almost Day 80!!!

Here is a 5×5 canvas piece I have been working on, on-and-off all week. I started out painting random blobs of acrylic paint all over, letting dry, then painting more layers on top. (Had to get rid of that blank white canvas just staring at and taunting me!) I then chose 3 pieces of paper art to glue on with matte Gel Medium. I chose the bird because I bet Pip sometimes wished he was a bird to fly away from all the crazy, demanding people in his life, to be set free.

The funny little old man is from a deck of antique Old Maid cards. The character reminds me of Mr Pumblechook. The third piece of paper is a strip from an old Sears catalog, just added for some extra texture. I painted more layers on top, scratching into some areas while still wet.

On page 88, Joe is teasing Mrs Joe with the amount of money that Miss Havisham gave to them for all Pip’s hard work (play?) at her house. I am pretty sure Pip will see none of this money!

Great Expectations Day 60, Pip and Pipe


I did a collage yesterday, Easter Sunday, after I read page 65 in my Great Expectations book. The characters are taking long drags of their pipes in the Three Jolly Bargemen pub as they contemplate each other’s questions. (Well, Pip is not smoking a pipe. Joe, Mr Wopsle and the stranger are.) The stranger is asking Joe about his relation to Pip. Mr Wopsle joins in with a quote from Shakespeare. Joe tells the stranger about their hunt a year ago for a convict in the marshes. The stranger seems amused by this.

I started out with an old dictionary page which I had glued onto a piece of scrap cardboard. Then I added bits of paper, painted acrylic rust-colored ovals and drew on an old pipe with a Sharpie. It still needed “something”, so I painted on grey-blue puffs of smoke and for extra color, the lime-green flowers.

The guitar is coming along. Right now, I am waiting for it to dry a bit more before adding the next part. Hopefully I will get to it tomorrow. HOWEVER… I HAVE to finish my taxes this week!!! So I may have less posts than usual as I tend to this horrible task.

Great Expectations Day 54


Pip continues to describe (lie) about the events at Miss Havisham’s to Mrs Joe and Uncle Pumblechook. He describes waving flags and swords out of the coach window. He thinks about telling them there is a balloon in her backyard and a bear in the brewery, but decides against it. Joe comes in from the forge for a short break (afternoon tea) and the three adults debate about what Miss Havisham has planned for Pip… what good fortune will come to him from gaining her good favour.

This started out as a little collage of old torn papers. Then I added the ink drawings on top, some traditional and some in Photoshop. The flags read: “High Society” – “Here we come”. I am pleased with this simple little piece!