Art Festival Booth: Trial & Error


Where have I been lately? Helping my daughter prepare for her first ever art festival booth. Exciting! She entered a contest and was chosen as one of eleven area high school seniors to get to exhibit and sell their work at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson Texas!
Things we learned:
• it’s a lot of work, way more than we expected
• it’s not cheap to mat, frame, make prints, business cards and postcards
• Texas weather is unpredictable (ok, well, we knew that already)
• don’t leave your unframed pieces out unprotected over night, even though protected from direct impact of the rain storm (under a closed tent) that happened over night, the moisture caused these pieces to warp (the framed under glass pieces were fine)
• which brings me to another lesson: try to do art to sell that doesn’t involve glass and frames! Canvas, jewelry, clothing, sculpture and accessories seem to be better choices, not paper or glass
• figured out how to take credit cards with cell phone (pretty easy and fun, once you get the device and app)
• it’s hard to decide what to charge for art
That’s all I can think of for now, but there were other lessons learned! Below are some photos from the festival. Overall, it was a good time, great experience and she made some money to be used toward college. So, yeah

Almost all set up
Taking the shuttle to the festival site
Booth-mates for the weekend… ready to show-and-sell their art

Emerging Artists


My daughter was selected to present her work at the Cottonwood Arts Festival in Richardson Texas! She’s one of 11 high school students in the area chosen. Go to this link to see her artwork and all the other kids work. And then vote for Lily please! She’d love your vote. Thanks and come out to the event May 4-5! (This is an experiment because neither of us has ever done an art or craft fair! Yikes, wish us luck… mostly Lily. But I’m here for moral and monetary support.)

Click Link. Select Page then Emerging Artists. Scroll down to vote. Thanks!