Art Expectations – this blog has been DEAD lately!


detail 1detail 2Flandorfer accordion white open Flandorfer accordion white closedpanels 1 in progress fb Hola! I took a brief break to work on a special, non-Dickens project. I created a 3D paper sculpture of an accordion with Day of the Dead drawings and paintings. It’s about 30 inches long by 5 inchs tall. I had fun! Back to my blog project very, very soon, I promise!

Art Expectations Day 129



129 GreatExp pip in town150

More encounters between Jaggers and the people in the street, people he is representing in court, I believe. But not sure– he’s really rude to them, asking if they’ve paid Wemmick yet, threatening to drop their cases if they say a single word and shoving them off. Really!


Maybe these are people who are truly guilty of some crime (of owing money, behind on their debt, stealing, etc) and Jaggers knows he can treat them poorly, like scum.

Jaggers leads Pip back to his office and they are met with the clerk and a man named Mike, dressed in velveteen and a fur cap.

I’m having Christmas in February! I had ordered some supplies from Blicks online (some Neocolor II crayons and Le Pen fine point markers) and they arrived yesterday afternoon! Not only that, but I got a tip that a local discount store had bunches of acrylic paint on sale for 99¢! I bought 20 tubes! Bonus! So it was a good day for art supplies and me. I tried out my new Le Pen markers on this sketch of Pip newly arrived in London.

Here is another one of my Day of the Dead fairy tale illustrations. Jack the Giant Slayer… oh, and he also climbed a gigantic beanstalk. I am looking forward to seeing the new movie!
DOD Jack beanstalk150

Art Expectations Day 122


122 GreatExp abstract024

Pumblechook chases Pip down to shake his hand “one more time”. Once home, Pip starts packing wildly, throwing in things he knows he shouldn’t pack just yet. On Friday he goes to Pumblechook’s to put on his new clothes. He’s disappointed by them at first, having built them up in his head over the past week to be something grander than they actually are. Pumblechook is not there and Pip guesses he will not see him again before he leaves for London the next day. (Saturday – can’t wait!)

He goes to Miss Havisham’s to pay her one last visit. (He’s still dressed in his nice, new duds.) Sarah Pocket greets him at the gate and is astonished by his new look. Surely, he leaves for London on the next few pages!!!

Did another abstract, playing with my Golden Fluid Acrylics. I love how the colors mix together and swirl around each other. See ya in London!

I also had fun last night creating this Day of the Dead Little Red Riding Hood illustration. Been wanting to do this for a while. Couldn’t get it out of my head! So here it is, now on paper:
little red riding hood023

Art Expectations Day 84

Day of the Dead Pip

Pip sees the beautiful Estella in the countryside around the marshes

Day 84 Page 93 of Great Expectations

Pip teaches Joe everything he learns from Biddy, Mr Wopsle and Mr Wopsle’s great-aunt. Not because he is truly concerned about Joe’s education, but because he is ashamed of Joe’s commonness. He doesn’t want Joe to appear ignorant in the eyes of Estella and Miss Havisham. So Pip schools Joe down at the battery in the marshes by the river. (Not sure why he doesn’t do it at home. It could be because Mrs Joe would not like Joe becoming smarter than herself!) It’s nice here, though, on the river in the marshes. Pip sees Estella and Miss H in everything beautiful that he looks upon here… the green lush marshes, blue calm river and the sails on the water. Peaceful, beautiful and quiet. He wonders, aloud, if he should pay a visit to Miss H and Estella.

Below also is a little something I did recently for my father’s birthday. It’s a collage containing some old Sears Roebuck catalog paper, ransom-like letters cut out of magazines and an old pickup truck that I painted in black acrylic and colored in Photoshop. I love that front tire!

old ford