Art Expectations Day 148


148 GreatExp Lords

Mr Pocket received a good education, but after marrying Mrs Pocket, he took a position as a tutor. (No title still!) As this did not pay well, he gave it up and tried several different careers before settling on doing literary compilation and correction. (writing and editing?)

Pip walks the widow next door, Mrs Coiler, to dinner that first night and gets an earful of gossip about the Pockets. She feels Mrs Pocket deserves her title. Pip also learns that Drummle, one of the tenants of the Pockets, is heir to a baronetcy. AND that the book Mrs Pocket was reading in the garden was all about titles. They are all obsessed with titles!

In the 1800s, the order of precedence for titles was as follows:
Duke (Most Noble)
Marquess/Marquis (Most Honorable)
Earl (Right Honorable)
Viscount (Right Honorable also)
Baron (ditto)
Baronet (Sir)

I had fun with this mixed media collage about titles in the 1800s!