Art Expectations 89

Silhouette clipper ship

Estella Studies Abroad

I created this silhouette in Illustrator and used an old ship engraving as the background. Gave it all a sepia look.

Page 98:  Mrs Joe starts to calm down so Pip heads upstairs to change clothes for his half-holiday up-town. (YEAH!) When he comes back down, he finds Joe and Orlick sweeping up and sharing a pot of beer from the Jolly Bargemen. All is fine with the world.

Pip finds himself in front of Miss Havisham’s home, debating whether to ring the bell or flee. He rings, but the gate is not answered by Estella, but by Sarah Pocket. Miss H tells him that he had better not expect anything. He doesn’t (except to see Estella). But alas, she is abroad, studying to become a lady. Miss H asks Pip if he feels that he has lost her.

Where is Estella studying? Maybe France. Hope Pip finds her!

Art Expectations Day 83 TYPOGRAPHY!


I’m ONLY on page 92??? I still have a ways to go. But getting there. I’ll celebrate when I get to page 100!

I decided to play with type this time, taking a quote from earlier in the book. It was fun, but took some time to get it just right.

Pip is now ashamed of his home. He often imagines the fine, beautiful Estella peeping in at him at work in the forge, doing his most coarsest work, covered in black soot. Pip’s schooling at Mr Wopsle’s great-aunt’s is terminated. He has outgrown the school (learned as much as he can from her). He does admit that most of his learning came from Biddy anyway. She taught him many things. I hope he is grateful to her!

Art Expectations Day 74


It’s SO good to be back online!!!

Day 74, pages 79 & 80 (I did two pages this time… so far behind!)

Chapter 12 starts with Pip worrying about being punished for his beating up the pale, young man at Miss Havisham’s house. The fight was the other boy’s idea! Pip feels guilty and expects the County Jail to come pick him up at any minute. He tries to wash the boy’s blood out of his trousers in the dead of night. He worries about his return to Miss H’s and a possible gang of boys getting back at him for beating the other boy up. He even imagines Miss H shooting him dead. (How a child’s imagination can run wild!)

But when he does return to her house, not a word is mentioned about the fight and the boy is nowhere to be seen. Whew! Only a “trace of his gore” is found by Pip in the spot where the fight took place. (ew!)

Pip goes on to describe what his life is like at Miss H’s for the next several months:
– he pushes her around in a garden-chair (a light chair on wheels)
– he starts going more often (every other day instead of every other week)
– he and the Miss H become better acquainted, she asking about his future but providing no money or help in the matter
– Estella is around and acting as moody as ever, no more kisses are granted
– Pip often overhears Miss H whispering to Estella to “break their hearts, my pride and hope, break their hearts and have no mercy!”

Poor Pip. He is in for it for sure. Have a great weekend!

Great Expectations Day 48


PIP drinks some BEER (not his first time)

Estella beats Pip at cards. (She’s so mean!) Miss Havisham asks Pip to come back in 6 days to “play” some more. She sends the two children away with instructions for Estella to give Pip a meal. Estella takes Pip back outside and leaves him in the courtyard by the side door. She comes back with meat, bread and beer for him.

Sketch of Pip with his mug of beer and names of the people who have influenced him. (I left off his sister!)

Great Expectations Day 47


(It’s actually still day 46, but I finished another one today and will take the day off tomorrow.)


This is my daughter posing as Estella. I keep saying over in my head “eSTELLA!!!” (from A Streetcar Named Desire – haven’t seen that movie in a long time!)

Pip notices that everything in Miss Havisham’s room has stopped, frozen in time: the clocks, the one shoe never worn, nothing moved on the dresser, with dust all around each object. Estella criticizes Pip for his course hands and thick boots. She is very rude to him as they play cards. Pip whispers to Miss H that he wants to go home. He tells her that he thinks Estella is very pretty, very proud and very insulting.

I had fun drawing over this picture of my daughter in Photoshop…VERY quick sketching with my tablet. I drew a red curtain to cover up the bookshelves in my living room. I looked at old drawings of girl’s clothing from the 1860s for this dress and hat. My daughter loves it!