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Art Expectations 244 Taking Notes


Pip is still astonished that Drummle has toasted an “Estella” at the Finches meeting. (I gather that this means it’s the name of the lady they are interested in courting, or maybe already courting.) Pip askes “Estella from where?” From Richmond. So, there you have it. It is the very same Estella! Pip, red in the face, challenges Drummle to a dual of sorts. Mainly they continue arguing, with everyone getting involved. Pip does not believe that Drummle knows her personally. Drummle is to bring in a note from Estella to show proof of their relationship, if there is one. The very next day, Drummle produces said note and Pip is forced to apologize in front of everyone. The note is in her handwriting and announces that she has danced several times with Drummle. Pip has to regret his remarks and sits snorting at Drummle the rest of the night.


Art Expectations 243 Wandering Ghost


Pip is unable to sleep that night in the smaller house in back of Miss Havisham’s home (Satis House). Maybe he’s thinking about that argument he witnessed between the two ladies? About 2 a.m. he lights a candle and goes out for a walk. In the courtyard he sees the ghostly figure of Miss H, out for a night-walk also and “making a low cry”. He ducks to hide from her then creeps along following her as she goes back inside and up the stairs to her quarters, moaning all the way. In the morning, there’s no mention of the fight. But he senses a hint of fear in Miss H’s manners. Fear of losing Estella? 

Since Pip is on the topic of “the turning point in his life” he mentions a meeting he attended of the Finches of the Grove, the gentleman’s club in London. At that meeting, Drummle gives a toast to “his lady” and her name is ESTELLA! WHAT?! Is this Pip’s Estella? 

Art Expectations 212 Two-Faced


After tea, Pip and Estella board a coach to head for Surrey Richmond. They pass Newgate Prison and start to speak of Jaggers. Estella admits to knowing him since before she can remember (as a very young child), but not closely. (Jaggers basically ignored her during dinner at Miss Havisham’s back home. It was obvious enough for Pip to take notice.) She seems interested in Pip’s relationship with Jaggers, but maybe she’s just making conversation. Pip is pleased to see her making an effort to be charming for him. At least she’s not being wicked like she was when they were younger! 

Art Expectations 210 Full House


Estella tells Pip that the rest of the Pockets (mostly the green with envy Sarah Pocket) write and say bad things about him to Miss Havisham. “You can scarcely realise to yourself the hatred these people have for you.” Pip is the “torment and occupation of their lives”. Yikes! She hints at the childhood she had, growing up in that family and with the bad-excuse-for-a-mother Miss H.

That’s it for today! Short and sweet. This is another quickie piece I created while sitting in my car, at night, in the cold, in the dark, waiting for my daughter’s dance class to end. Have a good day!

Art Expectations 208 As You’re Told


{Page 226} Back at the station, waiting for Estella’s arrival, Pip begins to wonder about all the prison and criminal influences in his life. It all started with the convict in the marshes, then two more visits with him (or someone who knew him). And now he’s just returned from Newgate Prison with Wemmick, having walked among many prisoners. He regrets his decision to go there now, feeling tainted and dirty, and right before seeing Estella again. When her coach finally arrives, Pip gets a fleeting vision of a nameless dark shadow. Ummmm, who or what is that?

[Chaper 33] Estella gives her instructions to Pip – where she’s to go and how to pay for the carriage. She says, “We have no choice, you and I, but to obey our instructions. We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I.” So, Estella’s future is probably all mapped out for her, just like Pip’s.

Art Expectations Day 196

196 GreatExp Estella on Coin 150
Herbert tells Pip to bide his time. Once he turns 21, perhaps he’ll receive further enlightenment about his future. He then tells Pip he has something disagreeable to discuss, “positively repulsive.” He asks Pip if Estella was ever mentioned as part of the endowment… his Great Expectations. Pip says no. So, since Pip is not legally bound to her, why, then not detach from her, asks Herbert. (Try to forget her!) Well, I think Pip is too far gone for that!
Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!

Art Expectations Day 189

All Eyes on Estella
All Eyes on Estella

Miss Havisham, still freaking out, tells Pip that real love is blind devotion and utter submission. As Pip helps calm her down, he turns to see Jaggers enter the room, exclaiming, “Indeed? Singular!” After Jaggers blows his nose in his rather large, rich silk hanky, he too, gives Miss H a stroll around the room (in her wheelchair). He asks Pip how many times he has seen Estella… just twice or 10,000??? Miss H comes to Pip’s rescue and sends them both off to dinner.

Art Expectations Day 186

186 GreatExp heartless150

Estella walks with an “air of completeness and superiority” while Pip walks with “youthfulness and submission”. He asks her if she remembers some of the events from his childhood visits there (her climbing on the old whisky casks, making him cry and bringing him meat and drink to eat outside like a dog). She coldly says that she does not remember any of that. This breaks Pip’s heart because these events were so important to him. She tells him that she has no heart – no heart for “softness, sympathy or sentiment.”

Art Expectations Day 184

184 GreatExp Estella eye 150

Pip walks into Miss Havisham’s room. Nothing has changed (clock still frozen in time). Except, one thing…. there’s a stranger there. A beautiful woman. Then Pip recognizes Estella in the stranger’s eyes. My, how she’s changed! She’s blossomed into a woman! And then Pip suddenly feels like the course and common boy he once was. This should be interesting!

My goal is to reach Day 200 by the end of the year! I think I can do it!

Art Expectations Day 181 Estella!

181 GreatExp tissue Estella150

An old newspaper article describes Pumblechook as the founder of Pip’s fortunes. Seems the whole town knows about Pip! He sets out too early to visit Miss Havisham, going the opposite direction of his home, wandering around her neighborhood. He dreams of her plans for him:
– to restore the grand old house
– to reset the clocks
– to marry the princess (Estella)
He is to become the HERO! But he does not truly know what lies ahead for him. And I believe Estella is just another pawn in Miss H’s game.