Great Expectations Day 22


Hello. I accidently typed Day 222 at first. WOW… will I actually have a Day 222 some day? This year? THREE figures?! Some day.

Mr. Pumblechook becomes giddy from the gin-and-water. Everyone recovers form the “Tar” incident. And it seems forgotten. Pip is relieved. But then, Mrs Joe announces that she has a very special treat! A PORK PIE! She goes to retrieve this from the pantry. Of course, Pip knows it’s not there, having been devoured by the convict. He decides to make a run for it… for the front door, before she discovers the theft.

He is stopped in his tracks at the door by a party of soldiers with muskets and a pair  of handcuffs!

This piece is mostly digital, created in Photoshop. I drew the handcuffs with a ball point pen and scanned it. Doing a quick research (love Google) of old handcuffs from the 1800s, I found this pair based on a design from either the UK or USA from about 1890. The closest I could find. They really haven’t changed much in design over the years. I also scanned in an old Grammar book illustration of a boy getting in trouble for stealing apples. He is in the tree and a man is throwing stones at him! Wonder what will happen to Pip?