Art Expectations Day 71


A Shoe Tree!

Pip is still in the room with Miss Havisham and Estella. Pip imagines himself and Estella decaying in the room. Finally, Miss H is done walking and being all gloomy… she demands Pip play cards with Estella again. This is just Pip’s second visit to Manor House. Miss H points out Estella’s beauty and puts her own jewelry on Estella. It’s as if she is trying to force Pip to fall in love with Estella.

After cards, Pip is led outside and fed “dog-like manner” again. He is left free to wander the yard. He walks around the over-grown garden and believes he sees large weeds that have sprouted old boots, shoes and hats! A pale young fellow comes out of the detached house in back and speaks to him. We’ll find out what he says next time!

Art Expectations Day 62


I’ve worked on my guitar some more. I did not like how Estella’s right eye looked, so I painted over it and recreated it. I want her to have a dull, unfeeling look. I think I achieved that! For Pip I had quickly painted him in a more stylized way. I then painted an outline of Manor House, Miss Havisham’s home, right over Pip’s head. I also worked on the little piggie a bit and added some more details to the abstract shapes along the right side. So far, so good! I wish I could keep this one. Maybe I will have to go to the festival and bid on it!

Day 62, page 67:
Once home, Pip’s sister, in a rare good mood, discovers that the new shilling was wrapped in TWO one-pound notes! Thinking this a mistake, Joe runs off with the notes to the pub to return them to the stranger, who was, of course, no longer there. Back home, they hide the notes under a teapot for the time being.

Pip has a fitful night full of nightmares about the convict/stranger and the file coming at him as if to stab him!

Chapter 11 begins, still on page 67:
It’s the following Wednesday, and Pip is back at Miss Havisham’s for his second visit. Estella lets him into the yard and leads him down a different passageway in the house. Almost done with the guitar! I’ll work on it some more tomorrow and read page 68. Thanks for stopping by!


Great Expectations Day 51


I had so much fun drawing this one! Done entirely in Illustrator. I used images that I was thinking about… well, actually that Pip was thinking about: his thick boots, course hands, Estella causing him to cry (tears) and his questioning himself and his upbringing.

As Estella lets Pip out of the yard at Manor House, she tells him that she can tell that he was crying. She laughs as she pushes him out of the gate. As he walks the four miles home, he obsesses about his hands, boots and his way of life up to this point. He has never known any other way of life – that anything different ever existed. He describes his life as being “in a low-lived, bad way.”

Once home, his sister badgers him to get answers to what went on at Miss Havisham’s. He says as little as possible and gets his face shoved against the kitchen wall.

Great Expectations Day 50!


Pip is still exploring Miss Havisham’s neglected courtyard and the deserted brewery next door. He peers over a short old wall into the weedy overgrown garden of Manor House. He sees Estella walking there down a worn path. He then starts walking on top of overturned beer casks, and sees Estella also doing the same thing off in the distance. He enters the large empty brewery and looks up to see Estella climbing some very high iron stairs. To his right, he spots someone else. It’s Miss H hanging by her neck in all her faded-wilted glory. GRUESOME!

He realizes he is imagining these things. Whew! Is it the beer impairing his vision and mind? Little kids shouldn’t drink! Is it illegal for children to drink alcohol in private homes? In the States? What about in Europe? I’ll look it up!

The laws apparently vary widely by country determining legal drinking age and where it can be consumed, in public places or private homes, and different kinds of alcoholic drinks. Most laws apply only to drinking in public places. The U.K. is the only country that has a minimum legal drinking age for drinking alcohol in the home. That’s interesting. In England it is against the law for any child under age 5 to be given alcohol unless under medical supervision or an emergency. (What emergency?) For ages 5-17 in England: it is legal for them to consume alcohol at home or a friend’s house with parent’s permission. In the U.S. before 1984 it varied by state. But a national law was passed in 1984 that made the legal drinking age 21. Only a few states have laws prohibiting under age children from drinking in private residences.

Enough about that! There are so many different laws, even within the U.S. and each state, that it is very confusing! (17 states do not ban underage consumption at all! Can that be correct?)

Anyway, here is my little art for today. I did a complex collage yesterday, so decided to go with simple today. Just black ink on white bristol board: a sketch of the overgrown garden, Manor House and a ghost of Miss Havisham floating above in her wedding gown.

Great Expectations Day 43


Another day of reading and working on my illustration. I’m a little further along. I don’t usually like to show people my “work-in-progress” of anything I work on… portraits, altered books, illustrations, graphic design work. The reason why is because it usually looks bad at certain points, just because it’s not complete. And I think people are thinking, “it’s going to look like THAT?” I’d rather wait and show the finished product. So this is a little hard for me to do. But this is a year for trying new things, right?

Pip and Mr Pumblechook stand outside the gate at Miss Havisham’s house. A beautiful young lady lets Pip in, but not Mr P. (He’s not invited!) Pip describes the outside front yard as he walks with the young lady toward the house:
– clean, paved courtyard but has grass growing in the cracks
– brewery next door butts right up to the property
– the brewery side doors are wide open to reveal an empty inside

The young lady talks to Pip a little. She tells him nothing has been brewed in that brewery for a long time. She also tells him that Miss Havisham’s house is named Manor House but it’s also sometimes called Satis, which means enough.

I discovered that I do not like trying to paint thin lines with a paint brush! I don’t have the eyesight or hands for that. I’m talking about the white line (paint) work. I prefer the sketchy look of a drawn thin line. Next time, I will see if I can find a white paint pen or marker to use for the thin line work. Or else scan and do that part in Photoshop. That always works nicely. See you tomorrow!