Art Expectations 341 Rescue


Rescue in the Marsh

[Day 341 Page 365]  (Pip is in the sluice-house in the marshes being held captive by Orlick who is about to hammer on his head!) Pip screams one last time. He hears replies and then sees figures coming in the door. Orlick flies over the table and out into the night. Then, blackness. After some time has passed, he’s not sure how long, Pip wakes with his head on someone’s knee, staring up at the ladder that he’d been tied to. The knee belongs to his good friend Herbert! And Trabb’s boy is there as well. (This boy is the tailor’s helper in town.) Also there: Startop. Pip is dazed and thinks that he has been out for a long while. Herbert assures him that it is still Monday night. They re-bandage Pip’s burnt arms and head back to town. The moon is higher now and the night brighter as white vapor from the kiln passes them by.

I’ve been practicing with marbling paper, so as you can imagine, I have lots of marbled pieces around. I decided to use one as the background for this day’s artwork. The blue, white and black swirls remind me of the vapor rising from the heat of the kiln near the sluice-house. I then used paint pens, collage paper from the book text and more paint on top. Thanks for looking!

Art Expectations 339 Pounce


Great Expectations sketch

Orlick is still threatening Pip’s life as he’s tied to the ladder. Pip watches his every move. Orlick is like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey. He does spring forward toward Pip with the candle in his hand. He tells Pip that he was the person hiding on his stairs outside Pip’s London house the night that Magwitch/Provis showed up with his “good” news. (The night that Magwitch told Pip that HE was the benefactor, not Miss Havisham.) So Orlick has been following Pip around London. He’s been waiting for the right moment to get him. Over the years, after leaving Satis House (Pip got him fired from there, I believe), Orlick has worked for other people and made some friends. As Orlick talks on and threatens, Pip sees the “swift stream” of his “life running out to sea.” Orlick discovered that Pip had an uncle. (Not really, Pip told everyone that Magwitch was his uncle to avoid questions.) Orlick also realized that this “uncle” was the same criminal in the marshes long ago. Orlick had helped Joe file the leg-iron for this criminal. It’s all coming around! I wonder if Orlick knows that Magwitch gave Pip all his money, the Great Expectations?

I’ve been learning to marble paper! It’s been fun. I bought a kit from Marble Art in Oklahoma. Everything to get started was included, except paint, which I purchased separately. I did the sketch above on a piece of experimental marbling on an old dictionary page. Below are some other marbling samples. My 14 year old daughter has been doing them with me, so some are hers. It’s been fun learning this ancient technique together with her!

Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer Marbled paper by Julie Flandorfer