Art Expectations 268 Birth Life Death


268 GreatExp Life 150

[Day 268 Page 288] Upon his arrival back in London at the Temple apartment, Herbert is given Magwitch’s ratty old bible to hold and he’s instructed to kiss it. Pip says, “Do so, as he wishes it.” They have decided to tell Herbert the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They will trust him. He’s sworn on the bible after all! As they both tell the story from the beginning to Herbert, Pip realizes that Magwitch doesn’t see any of Pip’s disappointment. He is so proud of what he has done for Pip (and with Pip), making him a real gentleman, that he doesn’t see it from Pip’s point of view. Money is money, right? Does it matter where it comes from? Anyway, Pip should be grateful to Magwitch. But the whole thing was really not fair to him, keeping it all a secret until now.